Top 5 Disney Movies of the Bronze Age

After Walt Disney passed away, the studio found itself in its Bronze Age. The movies just took longer and longer to make and for audiences back when these films came out, if the film wasn’t huge it really didn’t sit all that well with audiences. And sadly none of the films during this period hit … Continue reading Top 5 Disney Movies of the Bronze Age


Disney Movies of the Golden Age ranked.

The Golden Age of Disney is what made Disney the major animated movie force it is today. Even though there were only five movies during the period, as the old saying goes, “quality over quantity” and these were some high quality movies with concepts that served as the bedrock for many aspects of future Disney … Continue reading Disney Movies of the Golden Age ranked.

Looney Tunes: Back in Action Review

Chairman: This is unacceptable! We cannot have nine-year-olds working in sweatshops making ACME sneakers - not when three-year-olds work for so much less! Beware: Spoilers may follow. The Looney Tunes had two major motion pictures: The first one was Space Jam, which was an attempt to capitalize on the 90s Air Jordan commercials. The second … Continue reading Looney Tunes: Back in Action Review

The “incredible” in The Incredible Hulk

Back in 2008 the Marvel Cinematic Universe came in with its second movie, the Incredible Hulk. Nowadays it’s regarded as one of the biggest missteps in the MCU and is often forgotten in the shadow of other movies that preceded it. After Mark Ruffalo took up the character in the Avengers, that was the last … Continue reading The “incredible” in The Incredible Hulk