The Avengers (1998) Review

Sir August De Wynter: Nothing is impossible, only mathematically improbable. Beware: Spoilers may follow.   Today we’re going to talk about The Avengers. Ah yes Marvel’s first big team up that closed one door and—wait this is not the movie and I’ve already done it *voice whispers*. Huh? This is the Avengers? From 1998? Okay, this … Continue reading The Avengers (1998) Review

I'll Be Home for Christmas Review

Eddie: Hey jingle balls! Move your candy canes! Beware: Spoilers may follow Jonathan Taylor Thomas was something of an icon during the 90s. Coming off his role in Home Improvement, he took his shot at movies which resulted in mostly stinkers. And among the worst of them being the holiday movie we’re discussing today. So what better … Continue reading I'll Be Home for Christmas Review