Quest for Camelot Review

Kayley: I will not serve a false king! Beware: Spoilers may follow. Back in the 90s major animation studios tried to compete with Disney by trying to compete with them at their own game. And among the attempts to do came this movie from Warner Bros. In theory this has the potential to be a … Continue reading Quest for Camelot Review


Top 6 Worst Nickelodeon Sitcoms

Nickelodeon live action shows once had a great name to them. They gave us timeless jokes, endearing characters, and loveable friendships that have stuck with audiences of yesterday and hopefully will continue to stick with those of today. But somewhere along the way something went wrong: It seemed like Nickelodeon just stopped caring about creativity … Continue reading Top 6 Worst Nickelodeon Sitcoms

Dan Schneider Nickelodeon Shows Ranked from worst to best

In recent years we have learned that one of the main people behind many live action Nickelodeon shows Dan Schneider had a quite a notorious reputation hidden behind him and since said reputation has crawled to the forefront Nickelodeon has rightfully parted ways with him. But this article is not about that. Schneider helped bring … Continue reading Dan Schneider Nickelodeon Shows Ranked from worst to best