Spider-Man movie villains ranked from worst to best


I’ve talked plenty about Spider-Man before on here. But Spider-Man definitely has quite the villains. They can either rock or they can suck. And Spider-Man’s villains are quite the powerhouses in terms of strength in comparison to the web slinger. This article ranks all the Spider-Man villains from worst to best.  

11. Rhino-The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Yeah, I’m pretty sure you forgot this guy until I just mentioned him (I certainly forgot about him when formulating this list). He only has two appearances and nothing of him is meant to create any kind of identity. Heck the movie ends just when it seems him and Spider-Man are going to have a brutal clash. All that remains of him is his cringeworthy Russian accent.

10. Electro-The Amazing Spider-Man 2


This version of Electro is nothing more than an awkward man who was happy that Spider-Man acknowledged him and the whole thing is just laughably bad with his obsession with Spider-Man. Even when he becomes Electro nothing of him becomes any better. The only upside is the final battle against Spider-Man where the action is cool but even then you’d swear they’re making up Electro’s powers as they go. Not much else I can say about him. Next! 

9. The Green Goblin-The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Easily the least awful of the three ASM2 villains though that’s not saying much. There is an attempt to do something different with the Green Goblin but Dane DeHann’s performance is forgettable and there’s no real insight into his character as much as it is his story. Like even his friendship with Peter in no way feels legitimate. And that design for him just looks plain ridiculous. Overall, much like the other villains of this movie, this guy didn’t amount to much in terms of being a character. The only thing he does do is kind of cause Gwen Stacy’s death which is admittedly a sad moment in the movie given how well defined her and Pete’s relationship is. 

8. Venom-Spider-Man 3


I’ve gone into this guy before so I am going keep it brief but I can’t stress enough how badly Topher Grace is miscast as this character. He comes across as more of a whiny brat in the things he wants more than an actual supervillain and he doesn’t even become Venom until the last 45 minutes. Is he a bad person? Definitely. But did his performance do anything to make him a convincing supervillain? Absolutely not!

7. The New Goblin-Spider-Man 3


At the end of the second movie Harry Osborn finds out his best friend is Spider-Man (who he believes killed his father) but before he can do anything Peter has to save Mary Jane from the villain…for the upteenth time. His vendetta continued through the third movie and about a good way through the first act he suffers partial amnesia to the point that him and Peter can be friends as long as the script requires. Then about halfway through he spontaneously regains his memory and threatens Mary Jane into dumping Peter (again why she complied with doing so is beyond me). Him and Peter have a fight which scars his face and Peter later comes asking for his help in taking down Venom and Sandman. Harry rightfully refuses until discount Alfred (yeah I know he has a name but that’s pretty much what the character is) reveals he knew the truth about Norman Osborn’s death since the night he died (and for whatever reason decided not to say anything) simply by cleaning his wound (how he arrived at the conclusion is beyond me). This made any of Harry’s vendetta throughout the movie pointless 

6. The Lizard-The Amazing Spider-Man


To this movie’s credit there is an attempt to do something different with this villain from what came before him. I do like the Jekyll-Hyde approach they take with this guy being a good man at his core trying to remove weakness, making a simple mistake, and ultimately becoming a monster who enacts a plan to take over the world in doing so. This is not a bad idea for a villain but it does feel like it could have been more developed. On top of that the CGI on the Lizard was a little bit off during certain moments. Overall the Lizard is a decent enough villain but not one that feels fully humanized.  

5. Sandman-Spider-Man 3


Thomas Hayden Church was definitely not a bad choice for this character and had a motivation set up well in having him turning to a life of crime to help his ailing daughter and surviving an experiment thanks to his love for her with a beautiful transformation sequence. But of course to force some personal connection to Peter they do a retcon of making him be Uncle Ben’s killer which serves no purpose other than to add drama for the sake of adding drama and adds more to the endless plot holes this movie has. Not only that but with that retcon came the throwing out of anything to do with his original motivation. And much like Harry, he’s pretty much discarded after one battle until the plot needs him again. Heck he doesn’t even get defeated he just stops.  

4. The Green Goblin-Spider-Man (2002)


Ah our first Spider-Man villain on the big screen. Much like the movie we all fell head over heels for this character when he first came out and he’s definitely memorable. So, is it wrong for me to say he’s overrated? Here me out first people! Now William Dafoe was definitely a great choice to play this character and he gives quite the chilling and authoritative presence when he’s Norman Osborn. And I did like the transformation sequence. But once he becomes the Green Goblin he becomes nothing short of goofy in his performance and dialogue. The scenes of Norman being all scared when he’s communicating with his alter ego are downright laughable. And on top of that he doesn’t have any real motivation other than to cause chaos for the heck of it. Overall, he is a memorable villain in the right and the wrong ways.  

3. Mysterio-Spider-Man: Far From Home


Okay let’s get this one thing out of the way off the bat: The whole reveal scene regarding this character and the Stark employees is pure cringe on level of Rami and a sharp contrast from the rest of his portrayal in the movie. Even knowing Mysterio is supposed to turn out to be the villain, Gyllenhaal’s performance as an ally to Peter does feel genuine and even when he is the villain outside of that reveal scene, we do get a sense of his intimidating and unstable nature. The problem is with that reveal scene is that it undermines his main motivation of wanting to be seen as a great superhero and he does succeed in that regard in a surprising way. With all that being said though I do love what they can do with Mysterio and the way they utilize the illusion powers. When Peter is overwhelmed by the illusions you very much see how small he really is as a hero against this big threat and it does show his emotional vulnerability when he doesn’t know what’s real.  Overall if you overlook that whole reveal scene, Mysterio is not necessarily a bad villain nor is he one with bad motivations. 

2. Doc Ock-Spider-Man 2


This is honestly what Green Goblin should have been: Alfred Molina’ s portrayal of this villain has just enough insanity that didn’t go too over the top. We see his character as a tad narcissistic but noble and genuine scientist very bent on using his knowledge to help the world at any cost and you truly understand him in what he wants to do and it all mounts to a noble sacrifice. The only drawback of his character is that the whole thing with the arms having a mind of their own is somewhat goofy for what is otherwise a great villain. In fact he was so well regarded that even the first Iron Man wanted to make him canon originally but they were obviously unable to. 

1.The Vulture-Spider-Man: Homecoming


Hands down my favorite part of Spider-Man Homecoming. Michael Keaton delivers a fantastic performance making us truly understand his character’s struggle of being a blue-collar worker screwed over by the rich and trying his best to provide for his family. Even when he’s not the Vulture he’s legitimately capable of being funny as well as scary. The twist about him is one that really catches you off guard and as the scenes go along and we and the characters put two and two together, we feel their emotions right there with them and it all mounts amazingly.  Peter didn’t legitimately “defeat” him so to speak and in terms of battle he’s definitely not the best Spider-Man villain. But in terms of characterization in Spider-Man villains this is a Spider-Man villain characterized CORRECTLY to the fullest. 

How do you rank the Spider-Man movie villains? Any you disagree with? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!