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What more can I say about MCU movies that I haven’t said already? They’ve changed things. Heroes we once thought were impossible to take seriously, to make seem genuine, have become icons and have had some of the most compelling arcs superheroes have had to offer with great actors to back it up. Despite this I won’t hesitate to say that they have hit their fair share of speed bumps. This article takes a look at what I consider are the top 5 worst MCU movies. And bear in mind none of this is true it’s my silly personal opinion so don’t go crazy if your favorite is on here or your non-favorite isn’t here…even if you are 100% wrong.  

Honorable mention 1: Iron Man 3


While definitely not as good as the first movie it’s a step up from the 2nd one. Tony was a lot more likable, the action definitely was stepping up coming off the first Avengers movie, it still has plenty of the man we’ve grown to love, and young Harley Keener was well utilized. But man, that twist with the villain while funny for a few minutes is such a slap in the face after such a buildup and a complete letdown. And the real villain does not fare any better.  Particularly when you consider what he was in the comics. 

Honorable mention 2: Ant Man and Ant Man and the Wasp


Despite having lower stakes than most Marvel movies and some weak villains (particularly in the second one when Marvel villains were stepping up with villains like Vulture, Thanos, and Killmonger), I still think these are still moderately good. The charm and chemistry of the cast really shines in both these movies and the character relationships were not only humorous but genuine. And the action is a lot of fun with the movie taking advantage of how the suit can shrink and enlarge itself and other objects at will and the fact that it is a super suit. While it is easy to see it as the weakest franchise in the big scheme of the MCU, With the Infinity Saga over and a new beginning for the MCU, I’d like to see the Ant Man franchise grow in size for the future (pun intended).  

5. Avengers: Age of Ultron


Damn it! I hate to put an Avengers movie on this list but it’s just…disappointing. The reason why it’s the lowest on this list is because it does evolve the team in some ways that the first movie didn’t. But so much of the action and one liners even at their best, is on repeat from the first movie and the wow factor from it is gone. The new Avengers, while they would definitely shine later on, feel secondary in comparison to the old ones. Ultron was a villain that had not only been done before in other movies but also would be outdone in Agents of Shield years later. While the movie does have promise in some areas, it didn’t really push the envelope of what the MCU could truly do. Captain America: Civil War overall felt like far more of an Avengers movie than this. Not a bad Marvel movie but not a great follow up to the Avengers.  

4. The Incredible Hulk


To be honest Edward Norton is not a bad choice for this role. Movies like Fight Club have shown that he’s well capable of portraying dual personality characters. And here you can sense his harmless demeanor but the monster within but it’s once again it amounts to something disappointing. The good thing about Mark Ruffalo’s version whether you like it or hate it, in movies like the Avengers, Thor: Ragnarok, heck even Age of Ultron when we see Banner as Hulk we see his emotional struggle through the Hulk through his raw power and when he fights an opponent we see all that anger all that frustration fully realized in the process and it’s very satisfying to watch. Sadly here we mostly see his emotional struggle as Banner not as Hulk. When it comes to Hulk his fighting in this movie comes off as run of the mill. And Thor: Ragnarok really brought the balance of the emotional struggle of Hulk and Banner far better than this movie ever did.  

3. Captain Marvel


*Breathes* okay. Let’s put aside any prejudice against Brie Larson and actually judge this as a movie. In all fairness like the 90s setting of this movie, the CGI de-aging on Nick Fury is great, Ben Mendelsohn as the Skrull Talos was enjoyable, and Goose the Alien Cat is so gosh darn cute. But my problem with is that nothing this movie has for Carol Danvers does well in crafting these layers that come into playing in defining her. And that’s not a good thing given how well that shines at the core of so many MCU movies. The action even at its best has no unique style to it and the villain isn’t all that interesting nor is he given much to work with. And my god how Nick Fury lost his eye: You know what I’m not going to buy that for a moment. I’m going to remain in denial about that. We are still having origin stories for so many Marvel characters today and considering how far we’ve progressed this is underwhelming. This was supposed to be one of Marvel’s most powerful character and while she shows physically, emotionally it’s lacking. 

2. Thor the Dark World

MV5BMTQyNzAwOTUxOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTE0OTc5OQ@@._V1_UY268_CR3,0,182,268_AL_.jpgAfter seeing the first Thor movie and how Chris Hemsworth and his fellow co-stars brought their characters and the overall world of Asgard to life I wanted to see what it would be like to have a Thor movie on his own planet. But aside from Thor and Loki having to team up which has a lot of enjoyment in the way these two brothers work off of each other, there is almost nothing enjoyable about this movie. And even that idea is discarded within the first third to make more room for Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis both of who fare no better if not worse in this movie. Even the comedy, which usually shines in MCU movies is infuriating in just how hard it tries to get a laugh. The first Thor movie established so many interesting characters including Thor’s mother who actually dies in this one and while Thor’s reaction to it is sad there’s no real time to settle down and feel for much of any of these characters Malekith’s and the overall look of the Dark World was nothing special and his motivation did not fare any better. Aside from the ending of this movie Thor: Ragnarok pretty much revamped almost every event here (and even outclassed the Thor and Loki moments in this movie) making it all the more irrelevant and honestly for the best. The one genuinely heartfelt moment is one that wasn’t even in the movie but rather in Avengers Endgame when Thor travels back in time to these events and reunites with his mother on the day of her death. It’s kind of a big deal when Avengers Endgame established a deeper connection to Thor’s home in this movie in five minutes than everything else in this movie.  

1.Iron Man 2


At the end of the first Iron Man movie we saw Tony Stark do something that no superhero had ever done before: He revealed his superhero identity to the whole world. So naturally that got me really wondering how they would factor this thing into the sequel and we do see a small portion of it most of the movie so much of Tony’s charm, confidence, and sharp choice of words is missing from this movie. Tony stark always gave a sense of confidence due to his hidden depths of brilliance and tactical mind which come into play when we least expect it. But here despite assuring people that he has everything under control, he screws up so many times to the point of annoyance and it really made him unlikable. The movie also introduced Black Widow and really, while she definitely gave a sense of mystery as to what kind of character she would become in later movies, the later movies utilized her ten times better to the point that I almost forgot she was in this one. And oh boy the villains again: Justin Hammer is just a generic business rival and he takes front seat to Mickey Rourke’s character who could be far more interesting and gives far more of an intimidating presence. Even the plan of Rourke’s character only comes into play during the final minutes of the climax. Even the whole thing with Tony’s heart condition, one of the few times where we see his vulnerability and humanity, is sidelined and the latter is done so much better in subsequent movies.

Marvel movies even at their worst have provided at least something of style and substance. And while I probably wouldn’t watch many of these movies again, I am glad that I saw them once. But what I’ve always liked about so many MCU movies is that they don’t always give what you logically want to see but they are adept at giving what you emotionally want to see through the story, the performances, the character development, etc. That is something that shines through all the plot holes, all the CGI, the action, the jokes, and where these Marvel movies have failed. Are there any other Marvel movies you think should be on this list? Any you disagree with? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! 


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