Top 5 worst Nickelodeon spin-offs

Spin-offs: Sometimes they can be useful in helping continue the legacy of a great show. Sometimes though spin-offs have no understanding of what made the original show so great. Nickelodeon is a prime example of the latter. They’ve done spin offs of several of their animated and live action shows over the years that really did nothing to better their original shows and it’s honestly to a point where few even consider them canon. This article takes a look at the worst Nickelodeon spin-offs. A quick note here is that for it to be considered on the list the spin-off has to utilize characters from its sister show. So stuff that stemmed from All That like Kenan and Kel and The Amanda Show and stuff that stemmed from that show won’t be included.

Dishonorable mention: Rugrats-All Grown Up


I honestly found this spin-off to be okay. True the childhood imagination of the original is gone and the dramatic elements feel slower with no sense of imagination or wonder to it. But the animation is still crisp, there’s a good variety in the story, the voice acting is nice, Dil and Angelica were given much needed improvements to their characters, and there’s a good joke every now and then. Even though the plot often felt slower there was a good variety and nothing particularly horrendous.

5. Blue’s Room


This one is lowest on the list because well it’s clearly meant for really little kids and they can enjoy it. But in all honesty as a kid who grew up on the original Blues’ Clues (both the Steve and Joe era) and has a deeper appreciation for just how much it talked to kids on their level as an adult while still having a fun sense of adventure to it this is just not the best for Blues’ Clues. It’s just so overly cute and saccharine. The original Blues’ Clues could be cute at times but knew how to do so sparingly. But so much of the magic of Blues’ Clues is completely gone here that the show is honestly alien. The puppets sometimes can look a bit off and the new characters aren’t nearly as memorable. I’m sure some kids can enjoy it, but if you have the original Blues’ Clues around you’ll have far better luck.

4. Sam and Cat


Once again I really like both these characters in ICarly and Victorious respectively. But the writing quality of this show is cut down from both shows. The title characters are stripped down to their most basic traits removing so much of what gave these two so many fans. The babysitting gimmick is bland and the kids they look after are always so pretentious. Cat’s grandmother (though she’s not in the show much) is just the cool and hip granny and it gets cringe worthy at times. Goomer as the idiot comic relief is horribly padded out. Even reunions bringing back several iconic ICarly and Victorious characters didn’t do much to help the show. I don’t want to hate this show but man is it disappointing in how so much of the heart of ICarly and Victorious is missing from this.

3. The Adventures of Kid Danger


While I consider Henry Danger the worst of the Schneider-coms I do think the show’s idea would be far better suited for animation. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. The animation for the show is horribly cheap flash. Similar gags from the sitcom still remain and they fare no better here with no wit or comedic timing to them and good grief Captain Man is even more annoying here. Much like the live action show it’s pretty much sheer stupidity and slapstick.

2. Rugrats-Preschool Daze



Do you remember this? Probably not. Given the imagination and inquisitiveness of the original Rugrats it’s astounding how dry this spin off managed to be. Firstly the animation looks like something out of Rugrats computer game than an actual TV show. Everyone looks rosy and it’s very unsettling at times. The plot of each episode was the same and there’s really no one noteworthy outside of Angelica and Susie. It only lasted all of four episodes before being cancelled with no definitive conclusion making it the shortest Nicktoon in history. Even at Rugrats’ worst it never reached this level.

1.Planet Sheen


Jimmy Neutron was sadly cancelled before its time thanks to the flop of the Ant Bully movie. In I guess an attempt to please the Jimmy Neutron fans they gave the hyperactive Ultra-Lord obsessed Sheen Estevez his own spin-off. The story involved Sheen taking Jimmy’s rocket and crash landing to an alien planet. While attempting to fix it with the help of a monkey named Nesmith he explores the planet and its inhabitants. Sheen is nothing short of annoying in this show with no other character other than that he’s a moron, which is a joke that stretches all throughout each episode. He has no concern of returning to Earth or seeing his friends or even his girlfriend Libby again. And the animation is HORRID! I’ll admit the animation for the original Jimmy Neutron isn’t as good as it used to be but you can definitely see the effort. This animation just has lazy colors and just looks plain cheap and way too abstract. Finally there are the other characters, while they have some good voice acting behind them their characters are horribly wasted. Nesmith is pretty much a victim of Sheen’s stupidity every time. Doppy is nothing more than an alien Carl with the same voice, personality, and nearly same look (in fact why didn’t they just put in Carl). There was supposed to be a TV movie involving Jimmy and the other gang members rescuing him but the spin-off was so bad it got cancelled outright. While Jimmy Neutron has a large and loyal fanbase even today Nickelodeon has made no plans to do anything else with the show and we have this show to thank for it killing the franchise outright.

Are there any other Nickelodeon spin-offs you think deserve a spot on this list? Any you disagree with? Leave your thoughts in the comments below


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