Worst Arrowverse couple from each show




Some people hate romance in superhero movies and TV shows but I personally have a soft spot for it. Sometimes it can be cute, charming, heartfelt, funny and we even sometimes get to see a couple kick some baddies to kingdom come. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case in the Arrowverse. While there are some endearing couples that hold a special place in our hearts even after they’ve broken up, some just come out of nowhere, the leads don’t show much chemistry, and are just overall forced. This list takes a look at what I consider the worst Arrowverse couple from each show. And if you do like any of the couples on this list okay. It’s just my silly personal opinion.

The Flash: Wally West and Jesse Wells aka Kid Flash and Jesse Quick


Both these characters proved to be enjoyable superheroes…on their own. Both bonded over the desire to become superheroes. They moved quite fast in their relationship with nothing else beyond that between them. In fact it moved so fast and decisions were so abrupt that it ended the same way with her father delivering Jesse’s decision to break up with Wally in hilarious fashion. The only thing it did that was somewhat cool was that it did lead to Wally meeting up with the Legends and he was a cool addition there and even saw some possibility for character development. But unfortunately that was only temporary and since then has been in the off screen dimension since. These two aren’t a harmful couple but they had no reason to exist.

Arrow: John Diggle and Carly


Back in the first season of Arrow, Dig was still recovering from the loss of his brother and was in Starling City to help his sister in law. He eventually developed feelings for her though at first he refused to act on them not wanting to betray his brother. And it was just plain awkward anyway in how the writers tried to bring them together which continued even after they started dating. Thankfully the writers were aware of this and broke them up off screen in season 2.

Supergirl: James Olsen and Lena Luthor


I’m just going to come out and say it so feel free to attack me for it: I don’t find James a compelling or fun character. Mainly because throughout the first season he was nothing more than eye candy for Kara and within almost one episode of him and Kara getting together the two broke up. Making James Guardian didn’t further his character any better. Lena on the other hand proved to be much more of an interesting addition to Kara’s friends particularly with her being a huge science genius and knowing the relationship between the Supers and Luthors and Katie McGrath really channels her inner Morgana in many ways. Pairing the two together really was just an excuse to keep these two mains from becoming useless but that’s pretty much what they were together. Any moments between them served nothing but to pad out the episode and put a stop to any other action or storylines worth getting invested in. The only moment that really was memorable is when Lena visits J’onn disguised as Kara to ask Kara about James’ kissing abilities and J’onn makes no attempt to even try to be her.

Legends of Tomorrow: Nate and Zari


While Nate and Amaya aren’t seen as one of the best Arrowverse couples I could see the appeal of it: With her being such an expert with animals and nature, she was Nate’s introduction to the outside world (knowing Nate’s backstory). And even though we knew Amaya would have to leave him eventually it was still an upsetting goodbye. But I digress let’s talk about his relationship with Zari: I like these two characters on their own and as good friends. But there was no reason to put them together other than the fact that Nate’s mother mistook Zari for his girlfriend and the fact they went to his father’s charity gala together as friends. And yet the subsequent episodes tried to force them together through the usual Legends shenanigans with nothing really genuine between them. We already had two great couples in the form of Sara and Ava and Ray and Nora so there was no real need for a third one. And what did this romance culminate in? Zari risking her life by leaving the temporal zone and disappearing to parts unknown from the normal timeline while her brother replaces her spot. Once again I like these two as friends but as a couple well…it’s pretty sad that Mick Rory of all people felt closer with both the women Nathaniel has been with than he ever was.

Who are your least favorite Arrowverse couples from each show? Any you disagree with? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!