The worst Arrowverse villain from each show



For every good Arrowverse villain out there, there’s also a bad one. While series long villains managed to make quite the impression at the start of each show, villains in subsequent seasons haven’t managed to make nearly the same impact. Some Arrowverse shows had bad villains right off the get go but did improve. Nevertheless, this article takes a look at the worst Arrowverse villain from each show.

Legends of Tomorrow-Vandal Savage


Legends of Tomorrow had a rough start particularly with its first big bad. Casper Crump seemed like a good idea to play a villain but he proved to be a one-dimensional character with really over complicated motives that really didn’t feel like there were any big stakes. Thankfully he was largely forgotten for a much better set of villains in season 2. And it says a lot when the most memorable thing about this guy is that he somehow hilariously became friends with Ray Palmer while the latter was trapped in hell.

The Flash: Orlin Dwyer and Grace Gibbons aka Cicada


We find out in the future this Cicada is the one villain who got away. With the power to negate other meta powers you’d think this would be a strong villain right? Well no. Firstly both their motives are poorly defined, their performances aren’t compelling (even with Orlin willing to end his crusade upon seeing how far his grown up niece has gone), and there were multiple times where Team Flash had him subdued and proved they could defeat him easily and yet the plot kept padding him out to get away. The arrival of the grown up Grace certainly shook things up a bit but it proved to be too late a twist and all in all these two were just a means to an end for the Reverse Flash resulting in a twist that far outdid anything these two did.

Supergirl: Morgan Edge


When I first heard that Adrian Pasdar was going to be a villain on the show I was thrilled as I enjoyed his character in shows like Heroes and Agents of Shield. His performance definitely gave off the vibe of this ruthless businessman, which was fine, but unfortunately his plans and twists in all his episodes were predictable and it didn’t help that we already had a much more interesting big bad in Reign and it really took away from that. And at the end he went down in a way where nothing he did ever mattered. This is a villain that the season could have easily done without. Maybe a later season can somehow make things better.

Arrow: Ra’s Al Ghul


One of the most iconic DC villains of all time became quite the bore in Arrow. The season 3 mid-finale gave a frightening image of what was to come with him killing Oliver in a sword duel and it really built him up to this mystery of just what kind of man this guy was going to be. Unfortunately he turned out to be nothing more than another generic Arrow baddie with not much of a full-fledged character. Ra’s Al Ghul may be a huge DC baddie but Arrow had far better threats presented than him. I will give him that it’s far better than what they did to the character in Gotham.

Who do you think are the worst Arrowverse villains? Any ones you disagree with? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!