Bio-Dome Review


Doyle (in response to asking where he came from): My mom and the authorities are still trying to figure that out.

Beware: Spoilers may follow.

The 90s were a simpler time in the world of movies, live action TV, cartoons, etc. many of whose legacies have carried all the way through the course of the last 29 years. Unfortunately some things are better left in the 90s and this abomination here is one of those things. It was apparently supposed to be a Bill and Ted sequel that was changed at the last minute. However that does not change anything.

The story involves two guys Bud (Pauly Shore) and Doyle (Stephen Baldwin) whose lazy habits results in them getting dumped by their environmentally friendly girlfriends in the middle of the desert. In need of a bathroom the boys go inside what they believe to be a mall but is a biological experiment known as Bio-Dome and are left locked inside with Dr. William Faulkner (William Atherton) and several other scientists for a year. As the wreak havoc among the place they anger the scientists and upset the natural balance.

The story doesn’t have much to go off of. It’s pretty much brainless and pointless and not in a good way. Once the boys enter the Bio-Dome there’s no structure or conflict to the narrative. It’s just random shenanigans. And Shore’s and Baldwin’s performances are neither in any way charming nor are the characters they play likable in any shape or form. And their antics throughout the bio-dome don’t prove to be capable of getting any more of a laugh. It’s just stupid and manic misguided energy that keeps bouncing off each other and unapologetic. The ways the two communicate don’t feel like people in any way as much as hyperactive monkeys as well as trying to come off as cool. Their lingo is a bizarre combination of surfer dude, juvenility, dated slang, and pop culture references. There is no attempt to make it funny even on its own, without the actors’ delivery. Stuff like this is difficult to keep momentum rolling for a movie and the whole thing becomes a mess within minutes. Nothing the two do is amusing to anything but themselves. I’m certain Baldwin and Shore had fun playing these characters but it is painful to watch them in their fun. It honesty gets to a point where I started to root for Faulkner when he seals them in part of the dome to die. Speaking of which there’s also a thing with Faulkner being a villain but it’s really poorly defined and doesn’t serve much purpose to the story other than to craft a climax that makes less sense in a way that tries to make a happy ending for all our heroes but really ends up feeling like nothing which is a perfect way to describe this movie.

I know this review is rather short but really what more can be said about this movie? Its story is poorly structured, its leads are horribly unlikable, it fails to bring comedy through its writing and characters, and these aspects plague the movie from beginning to end. As a stoner comedy it fails miserably when it comes to both portraying amusing stoners and comedy. As an environmental movie it fails even more. I know it has its fans among many 90s kids but I can assure you there are far more loveable stoners of the time out there.