Five Ideas for a Zoey 101 Reboot


While Zoey 101 isn’t one of my favorite Nick shows of all time (there are too many animated shows taking up that category) it definitely earns a spot next to my favorites in terms of live action Nickelodeon sitcoms. It had a fun setting, some moderately good jokes, no laugh track, which worked in favor of the tone, all the characters were likable (both the consistent and inconsistent ones), and it had some good heart to it as well. I genuinely wanted to see Zoey and Chase become a couple and in the case of the last season, I truly wanted to see Logan and Quinn reveal their relationship and be free to show their affection to each other among their peers free of ridicule. Recently Jamie Lynn Spears, the actress for Zoey was spreading the prospect of a possible reboot for the series and a huge reunion among the most consistent cast members only amplified the hype for this. And while Spears herself wasn’t able to make the reunion due to being busy filming her new Netflix series Sweet Magnolias the cast did a loving tribute by singing the theme song for her and Spears herself happily claimed she was looking forward to seeing them again soon. With the possibility of a reboot now more promising than ever I decided to take a look at some ideas for it.

1.A TV Movie

For those who don’t know there was another reunion in 2015 between Sean Flynn who played Chase and Christopher Massey who played Michael regarding Michael visiting Chase to tell him what Zoey said about him in her video that she put in a time capsule ten years ago that the gang had to fill for a school assignment during an early episode of season 2. The time capsule was set to be open in 2025 but Zoey decided to tell Chase what she said about him in ten years rather than twenty. Upon learning what Zoey said Chase and Michael happily decide to go look for Zoey and the video ended with a ‘to be continued.’ Perhaps there could be a movie picking where these events left off with Chase and Michael searching for Zoey meeting up with all their old friends from the series to find out where she was seen last as well as finding out why they broke up.

2. Have the gang members be teachers at PCA

Each character in the show had a talent in some area or other and there would be episodes where they would showcase those talents. A smart way to pay homage to the past would be to have the gang teaching a group of youngsters in the fields they specialized in while paying homage to past episodes. For instance have Zoey’s brother Dustin be a music teacher and perhaps teach kids to sing Gummy Worm Blues in the first episode, have Lola teach theatre and teach kids how to pass off as a goth and fool others, have Quinn teach various sciences that showcase her various Quinnventions, have Stacy Dillsen teach art by teaching kids to create sculptures out of cotton swabs, have Logan follow in his father’s footsteps by teaching filmmaking, have Michael teach cooking or gym, have Zoey teach fashion or decoration design, have Chase teach writing, etc.

3. Pacific Coast University

Before anyone says anything yes I know Abby Wilde reprised her role as Stacey Dillsen on Sam and Cat claiming she goes to San Francisco University but honestly I don’t consider Sam and Cat canon and while I like both the sister shows it stemmed from honestly there isn’t much everlasting to be taken from the spin-off. But perhaps maybe a college spin-off/sequel with the gang could be interesting seeing how each member of the gang coping with the various pressures college provides academically and socially as well as the gang having the fun they have in old and new ways could have some potential?

4. A new set of kids

Hear me out first people! Now I’m not saying get rid of the original cast entirely. What I’m saying is perhaps have a new set of kids, either a new gang or have them be kids of the original gang and perhaps have the old members as alumni association members popping up from time to time to lend a helping hand. Now an idea like this is certainly risky but not impossible. Great care would have to be taken.

5. Scene recreations

If honestly for whatever reason a full-fledged series can’t get green lit, it would be nice to see the now grown up cast recreate various iconic scenes from the show with each other that they did all those years ago. Would it be the same as having a series with them? No. But it would still be just as heartwarming as seeing the cast together again just as we did those couple days ago.

We may not fully know yet if there’s going to be a new series nor assuming there is one on the way no what it will entail but this reunion is definitely one that warmed the hearts of many fans and left a great deal of positivity for the future. And the original series held some nice surprises. And who knows? Maybe the new series may go through with one of these ideas, maybe they might go with something different altogether. Are there any ideas you have for a reboot? Anything you agree or disagree with? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!