Son of the Mask Review

Loki: Damn, Where’s my Mask?

Beware: Spoilers may follow

A sequel to the Mask shouldn’t be that hard to make okay. Even if they couldn’t get Jim Carrey or Cameron Diaz back and the kid involved in the Nintendo Power contest for the planned sequel got screwed over there were still many stories from the comics that could translate to the big screen. Instead ten years later we got a terrifying movie with little to no trace of the original under the guise of a family friendly picture.

The story involves cartoonist Tim Avery who has recently become a father to a young boy named Alvey. In trying to look after baby Alvey, it proves to be difficult as the baby is born with the powers of the Mask and the family dog in a jealous rage causes mayhem as the baby and the dog engage in a battle to control the artifact. Meanwhile the sinister Loki is looking for his mask and is determined to get it back at any cost.

The first movie brought out the best traits of its cartoony and chaotic nature through Carrey’s manic energy. At the same time there was an extent its own set rules the character of the Mask had to follow. This movie is just chaos without that same energy from the humans or restraints and the imagery is downright horrifying and ugly to look at. It wouldn’t be so bad if it were used sparingly but these kinds of visuals are all throughout the movie with horrible CG, cringe-worthy and nightmare inducing visuals, and antics that are in no way funny. The camera angles including close-ups, wide-angle shots, and fish-eye views really distort the imagery only adding to the grotesque value. Every minute of it feels like an endurance test of how long you can last. All the while it tries to pass itself off as this family friendly lighthearted movie of a man learning to be a father and a baby and dog competing in slapstick for attention. The two tones do not mesh in any way all and really give the movie a mix of shock and disgust.

Jamie Kennedy’s acting sadly doesn’t even come close to Carrey’s charisma. When he’s not wearing the mask he’s mostly relegated to bizarre facial expressions. And when he dons the mask he has no charisma and his voice and personality are just so flat and his overall look resembles more of a doll than a wacky cartoon. All around Kennedy and the Mask in no way feel like they match up.

Allan Cumming as Loki certainly has the best scenes in the movie and looks like he’s having a lot of fun but the scenarios he is involved in quickly become repetitive and wear out their jokes fast as he goes to extremes to get the mask back. His look as Loki, I do think however could work cleverly in an MCU parody.

There’s also Traylor Howard as Tim’s wife Tonya but her character doesn’t amount to much. Bob Hoskins is usually a good actor but he does not shine in this movie at all.

Son of the Mask in no way captures anything that makes its predecessor so charismatic. Its writing is horrible, its acting exudes nothing of charm, its characters leave no impact, and its effects are downright awful. The character of the Mask deserves a far better legacy because this has been the only cinematic adaptation in the last 15 years.