Worst Disney Channel Shows of all time

Disney Channel was once home to so many great shows in animation and live action including Suite Life of Zack and Cody, That’s So Raven, Kim Possible, Phil of the Future, Wizards of Waverly Place, The Proud Family, Lizzie Mcguire, Boy Meets World, the Disney afternoon shows, the list goes on. But somewhere along the way Disney Channel shows lost their edge to the point that the creative Disney name was unrecognizable in them. This article takes a look at the worst Disney Channel shows of all time. There are many bad Disney Channel shows for sure but few really pushed it to the point you wonder how the magical name of Disney could be associated with these shows.

Dishonorable mention: Hannah Montana

This show was a huge part of Disney and while it has its fans, there are many bad things to say about it but personally, it’s gotten more than enough attention already and there’s not much new I could add to it so while I don’t think it’s good or even okay by any means, there’s not much I can say about it that hasn’t already been said better.

1.Fish Hooks

This cartoon is bizarre in trying to be a mix between Disney trying to be SpongeBob and a high school drama. The animation and imagery look downright ugly, the high school drama aspects are boring and don’t balance out the visuals, and the main character proves to be unlikable. It has some level of creativity and the voice and creator of Rick and Morty but that’s hardly enough to let it off the hook.

2. Prank Stars

This show only lasted all of six episodes before being thrown in the trash and honestly that is for the best. The show involved fans being “pranked” by meeting their favorite Disney Channel celebrities. The first thing about this show is that the so-called pranks are in no way pranks. And the celebrities’ performances are just so forced that it’s hard not to feel bad for them. The show is just the pranking and then the actors talking about how cleverness of the “prank.” Both the concept and its execution were just terrible.

3. Shake it Up

The costumes in this show are just downright mind-boggling but that’s the least of this show’s problems. The wanting to be famous plot is nothing short of stereotypical, the jokes are forced, and the acting is downright terrible. Both the leads prove to be unlikable, vain, and selfish and despite the fact that the actresses are supposed to play best friends you can sense this emanating hatred from the both of them in almost every moment. Some of the song and dance numbers are vibrant and well choreographed but the horrid acting and forced jokes overshadow any good in this show. While the actors certainly went on to better projects this show certainly did not shake things up for them.

4. Dog With a Blog

Just the title of this show in no way sounds promising and it really lives up to its lack of promise. The strangest thing is that the dog himself is the most interesting and expressive character and yet the less interesting human family members overshadow him. Just about every human is a cardboard cutout of a Disney Channel sitcom family. The jokes aren’t funny and the acting while not horrible but it isn’t enough to leave any impression either. Overall anything this sitcom did amounted to nothing.

5. Austin and Ally

The two male leads of this show really have no charm or humor to them. Ally is mostly comes off as bland. And most of all the show is trying way too hard in having humor, heart, and musical talent and fails to excel at any of those areas. Every episode has pretty much the same set up and the acting doesn’t bring any flavor to the table. This is a show that tries so much and doesn’t manage to do well in any area. Definitely find another show.

6. Bizzaardvark

Ignoring the fact that this is where Jake Paul started out from this is a horrible rip off of Nickelodeon’s ICarly. And you know for all the flaws in that show there was so much charm and energy in the characters and actors that makes it everlasting. Well take that out here. This was Disney’s attempt to replicate that…minus the good. All the acting in this show is hollow and the jokes fall flat. Sometimes a major company really can’t replicate their rivals’ ideas to the fullest and this is prime proof of that.

7. So Random

Remember Nickelodeon’s All That and how it jump-started multiple live action Nick shows we know and love today? Well here comes Disney’s rip-off of that show that attempts to make everything 90s extreme. This show is just downright pandering and the sketches are downright cringe worthy. The only passable part of this show is the celebrity guests and they gave performances at least enough to take away from the cringe. But overall this show really should not have ever existed in the first place.

8. Two More Eggs

While I don’t know the Brothers’ Chaps all that well I can safely say this is not an indication of their quality. This show was a series of shorts they were contracted to do by Disney Channel and they had no structure or direction. The shorts are certainly have a level of creativity but there’s no method to the creativity. The work of the Brothers’ Chaps overall does not deserve to be associated with this. Their usual work is far stronger and overall much better put together.

9. A.N.T. Farm

If there was ever an award for a Disney sitcom with the most awkward and laughably bad acting this would probably be up there. This show has a really bad direction, characters, acting, and writing that engulfs every episode and yet somehow it was capable of lasting three seasons for reasons that are beyond anyone. You’d get far more out of looking at a real ant farm than you would from this.

9. Pickle and Peanut

Brought to by the genius behind Fish Hooks. From that information you know this is already gonna be good. This show’s style is Disney’s peak of being weird and unpleasant at the same time. The animation isn’t even trying in design or movement, the voice acting is lazy, and the language is a horrible attempt to pander. It’s ugly, lazy, and insulting at the same time making into one making for a fascinatingly bad show.

10. Jonas LA

Whether you like or hate the Jonas Brothers, their TV show is not one of their greatest achievements. Their acting in this show proved to be mediocre and the show is filled with so many clichés that it becomes tiresome. And as TV characters the Jonas Brothers just don’t prove to be likable or interesting in the least. It’s even stupider when you consider how they come up with their band name in the show from the street they live on called Jonas Street. Even if you are a fan of the Jonas Brothers, this show really doesn’t offer much to their name.

11. Jessie

Of all the sitcoms on this list this is one I consider the least bad because it did at least try in many respects. The theme song will not leave your head after listening to it, the make-up and the lighting and overall color scheme on everything and everyone is beautiful, and the family Jessie looks after isn’t insufferable for the most part. But the premise, while there’s nothing wrong with it, has nothing of substance to it and the acting is downright awkward and it overuses the laugh track. It lasted four seasons and these traits remained consistent and just made the show boring. The most memorable thing to come out of this show is a cameo by Mr. Mosby (which admittedly they used quite well). It’s not something that can be hated too much as much as something largely disappointing.

Are there any other Disney channel shows you think are missing? Any you disagree with? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!