Five live-action Nickelodeon couples that were great (and five that were not so great)

Nickelodeon shows will always remembered for their unique humor and quirky but timeless and endearing characters. And while today’s subject of romance has never been the centerpiece of any Nickelodeon show, Nickelodeon relationships have given audiences something to chew on even after the shows ended. There are definitely some better than others and this list takes a look at the best and worst.

Great:Ned and Moze-Ned’s Declassified

This was a relationship that seemingly came out of nowhere as the two were just good friends. But over the course of the series we saw their relationship grow just as they did as characters. The two always had each other’s backs not only in when it came to their school lives but also their social ones as well. And even though they didn’t get together until the end, them beginning their relationship was a sign of them finally growing up and beginning something anew. The only problem is that any prospect of how high school would shape things up for their relationship can only exist in our imaginations.

Great: Chase and Zoey-Zoey 101

From the moment young Zoey Brooks arrived at PCA, the clumsy Chase Matthews was smitten with her. Despite having feelings for her for years, Chase stayed as just the friend. Much like Ned and Moze, the two didn’t become official until the finale. But that did not keep the show from giving the two many memorable moments. Both Zoey and Chase dated other people throughout the show and they were okay with that. Despite their friendship they could get into conflict with one another and could be a tad selfish but it never got to a point where either of them felt unlikable. If anything their squabbles and conflicts only strengthened their relationship in every episode. These two were close often leaning on one another in tough times and had nary a moment that felt tedious. They had heart, they had humor, and overall felt fun in every moment.

Great: Josh and Mindy-Drake and Josh

Both these two were often in competition with one another but within their attempts to one-up each other was a mutual respect and care for one another that developed in each episode Mindy appeared in. Each of them would become a slightly better person because of one another. Throughout the episodes leading up to the end they would go back and forth in being together but even when they weren’t together there was always an underlying care the both of them had and an interesting dynamic that flew between them in every episode.

Great: Robbie and Cat-Victorious

Although these two were never official they were one of the most popular ships on the show. Since the beginning of the show multiple episodes have paired the both of them together and there was always a feeling of something special in everything they did with one another. Robbie even at one point wrote a cute little song expressing his affection for her. The both of them definitely liked each other as far more than friends and had the show not been cancelled they definitely would have gotten together (no the Sam and Cat episode doesn’t count). Luckily Ariana Grande has kept this ship alive by featuring Matt Bennett in some of her music videos.

Great: Logan and Quinn-Zoey 101

This was a relationship demanded by practically no one. Both had a mutual hatred towards one another only being friends by being part of the same friend group. There was little to no lead up to it and any moments between them in the following episodes were only subplots. But yet these two remain one of if not the greatest decisions the show ever made. After Quinn’s boyfriend Mark of two and a half years dumps her for another girl and Quinn fails to win him back with her new look she is left heartbroken. Logan sees her crying and comforts her telling her that she doesn’t need to look or act different for anyone and that she is fine for who she is on the inside. In a shocking turn of events the two share a kiss and an episode later begin a relationship in secret out of fear of ridicule from their peers. Despite being opposites with him being a jock and her being a science nerd the two brought out the best parts in one another while still keeping true to who they were in the process. Finally at the prom Logan reveals their relationship in front of a large portion of the student body. The only problem? None of their friends were there to hear it and we will never know the ramifications of Logan’s decision. Despite being short-lived before the show’s cancellation, the small moments they shared in each episode always proved to make such a big impact and made them an everlasting quality of the show.

Not so great: Beck and Jade-Victorious

Please understand before you start typing the angry comments! Now to be fair these two shared a very realistic and unique dynamic that gave viewers quite a lot to think about. Sadly within that dynamic there were some issues. Jade was far too possessive of him and Beck would often indulge in his girlfriend’s jealousy. At times this could be amusing but there were also many times where the both of them would take these aspects way too far. Could they be a great couple? Probably. But they had a long way to go before that could be the case.

Not so great: Carly and Freddie and Sam and Freddie-ICarly

Put the pitchforks and torches away people! Even after all these years fans of the show are still split on who Freddie should have ended up with. But personally neither of these two were good for him. Freddie was in love with Carly since they were children but Carly never felt the same way. They had their romantic moments but it never led to anything significant. No matter what moments they had it would always go back to square one.

Sam and Freddie on the other hand certainly changed things up and to be fair they had a tender moment in the iKiss episode. But this opposites attract relationship was not a healthy one. Sam mostly used Freddie as a punching bag for her insults and even when they were together they were still built on arguments that were only solved with the help of Carly. There was definitely some level of care the two had for one another but not enough for a great relationship to bloom. Multiple other Nick shows managed to do the hate-love thing a lot better. The episodes with these two together overall felt more like a phase than a big development and eventually the two broke up. Both relationships could have been more but unfortunately that is left to imagination.

Not so great: Kendall and Lucy-Big Time Rush

I’m not going to act like the romantic relationships in Big Time Rush (nor is much else of it) are everlasting in Nickelodeon history. But for the most part they were still likable ones with many enjoyable moments. But this relationship isn’t one that left anything lasting for even those who watched the show. After his long time girlfriend Jo moves to New Zealand to film movie trilogy Kendall is left heartbroken. Months later, a new girl named Lucy arrives and seems to catch Kendall’s eye. At first out of respect for Jo, Kendall decided to stay away. Through multiple hijinks the two grew close but just when they finally started to hit it off for real, Jo returned to the Palmwoods and Kendall decided to get back together with her. There was some tension over this but it pulled through in a way where everyone won and none of the tension (nor did this relationship) mattered.

Not so great: Zoey and James-Zoey 101

In the final season of Zoey 101 Chase moved to England to be with Zoey who had moved there with her parents at the end of season 3. Unfortunately unknown to anyone, Zoey overheard him confess his love for her and returned to PCA shortly afterwards. Despite their best attempts to date over video chat it doesn’t work out and the two decided to wait until Chase returned at the end of the semester. A couple episodes later the boys get a new roommate in the form of James Garrett. His character proved to be a likable addition among the members of the gang but then the show attempted to pair him with Zoey, which came as a major detriment not only taking front seat to Logan and Quinn who were far more interesting but also exploring James’ overall character to leave a real impression. Pairing these two didn’t matter because as great of a person James proved to be he just couldn’t fill that same place in Zoey’s heart that she had built with Chase for so long. And this was proven as once the two broke up in midway through the finale that was the last we saw of him. We don’t see him discussing this with anyone else. And this is upsetting because James wasn’t a bad character. The interactions he shared with the other gang members were enjoyable. His character didn’t give much to the show but was fine in what he did offer. The end of their relationship ended James’ character entirely and it just left this void that once again will never be filled.

Are there any other Nickelodeon couples you think are missing? Any you agree or disagree with? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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