Best Nickelodeon Siblings

Ah siblings: While at times they can prove to be a major pain the simple truth is that we really can’t imagine our lives without them. Siblings have always played a major part in shaping one another and there is always a bond of love that lies through thick and thin. And this applies to many classic Nickelodeon shows. Through multiple shenanigans Nickelodeon siblings have always had each other’s back and have a clearly defined relationships that have proven to be everlasting. This article takes a look at the best of them.

Honorable mention: Tori and Trina Vega-Victorious

There are many great things about Victorious but Tori and Trina’s sibling bond is most certainly not one of them. And this is primarily a result of their sibling bond being quite one-sided. While Tori always had her older sister’s back willing to painfully undergo being her personal assistant for a month, performing a birthday song for her, and even protected her from the truth and helped her get back in when she got kicked out of Hollywood arts after failing her re-audition, Trina was a one note character being a major pain towards her younger sister showing no sign of gratitude towards Tori and constantly thinking she was better than everyone else when she had little talent and nothing but desperation. There are very few moments where the two really connected like siblings and Trina didn’t share much of a meaningful relationship with any of the other characters.

1. Danny and Jazz FentonDanny Phantom

Originally Jazz Fenton was nothing more than an annoying, brainy, and overprotective older sister. But upon learning her younger brother was in fact half ghost she changed her ways taking pride in her parents’ ghost hunting careers, her child-like side, and the good her brother did by constantly covering for him and eventually becoming a valuable team member. She would treat Danny like a helpless baby brother but at the same time always knew Danny could look after himself. This gave a great strength to their overall bond.

2. Chuckie and Kimi Finster-Rugrats

I belong to the group of Rugrats fans that truthfully didn’t mind the addition of Kimi that much. Both the additions of Kimi and her mother helped teach youngsters about the changes in family through the eyes of Chuckie and with him being an older brother, he would be quite protective of her (albeit to a fault) and it taught Chuckie a great deal of bravery through numerous situations. And Kimi always proved to be there for her older brother no matter how scary things could get.

3. Phil and Lil Deville-Rugrats

Throughout the course of the series these two twins would often have quarrels but had deep care for each other and were often joined at the hip. This is something that was expanded upon in the All Grown Up spin-off where Lil would try to become her own person but it would only strengthen the bond the two shared.

4. Katara and Sokka-Avatar the Last Airbender

Sokka’s sarcastic and goofy nature often clashed with Katara’s more caring and serious one. But this often worked in keeping the two in check and through all the jesting, irritation, and teasing with one another these two pulled through a great deal together with their family history and the struggles they had to fight through as children. They were always faced with hardships but had a heavy respect for one another at the end of the day.

5. Eliza and Debbie Thornberry-The Wild Thornberrys

While the teenage Debbie could often be selfish and didn’t have the same love for animals and wildlife like her sister, Debbie did have a deep down love for Eliza (and by extension Donnie). Their bond particularly came to light in the Wild Thornberry’s Movie when a defeated Eliza reveals her secret and loses it in order to save her sister’s life. Upon learning this Debbie showed to be quite understanding and grateful of the matter and even gave her sister the courage to help save the elephants despite her powers being gone.

6. Zoey and Dustin Brooks-Zoey 101

Dustin rarely appeared throughout the series and in some of his appearances he wasn’t even seen interacting with his sister. While moments between them were few and far in between, multiple episodes such as Defending Dustin, Drippin’ Episode, Chase’s Grandma, and so forth have shown different sides to the difficulties that Zoey has to go through in being the only one to look after him but also the love they have for one another in the face of those difficulties. And these episodes by extension would play into the friendship Dustin shared with other members of the gang.

7. Carly and Spencer Shay-ICarly

Over the course of six seasons, young Carly was looked after merely by her older brother Spencer (though you can argue Crazy Steve kidnapped Megan Parker, moved to Seattle, and changed their names). Despite his eccentric and weird nature he proved to be a responsible guardian towards his sister and having an overall caring and vibrant personality towards just about everyone. Carly proved to be a reliable source of reason and emotional support when Spencer needed it and despite his flaws, Spencer always gave a great sense of energy and enjoyment into the life of his sister and everyone she was involved with.

8. Kendall and Katie Knight-Big Time Rush

For all the flaws in this modern Nickelodeon show, Kendall and his sister shared a likable and underrated bond. Much like Megan from Drake and Josh, Katie was quite devious, strong-willed, and quite smart for her age. At the same time it never got to the point where it was annoying nor would she flaunt it. Multiple episodes showed that she could at times be quite naïve and spoiled but not in a way that makes her insufferable. Despite being smarter than her brother in various areas, Katie still looked up to Kendall as a role model when it came to his endeavors and never would Kendall let her down. Through all the silly shenanigans of the show, whenever the two teamed up there was always a tight and memorable bond between the two that showed just how much they could accomplish not only for each other but also for those around them.  

9. Drake Parker and Josh Nichols-Drake and Josh

Yeah you thought I forgot about these two didn’t you? I personally saved them for last because these two stepbrothers have a nary a moment that is not everlasting in the minds of classic Nickelodeon. These two brothers were complete opposites of one another. At the same time neither was perfect, they always had banter, but when they teamed up it was always big and they made a funny, cool, and overall genuine duo. Viewers could connect with either of them. And even at the show’s worst they always brought some humor and at their best delivered a perfect combination of humor and heart rarely coming up short in either category.

Are there any other siblings you think deserve a spot on this list? Any siblings you disagree with? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!