The Avengers Movies Ranked

The Avengers movies have been Marvel’s most ambitious movies teaming up years’ worth of Marvel heroes in massive scale showdowns. Even though the MCU will live on as of now a saga of the MCU is over with those films along with it and even though some heroes still remain there have been major changes with them. This article ranks the Avengers movies from least best to best.

4. Avengers: Age of Ultron

This Avengers sequel did add a couple of new Avengers to the team and did develop the characters a bit. But the key word here is a bit. Most of the new Avengers in this movie are secondary to the old ones and as a result a lot of the movie feels recycled with all of the original team the front seat and enjoyable interactions, action sequences, and jokes but nothing we hadn’t already seen. Even the motivation of the villain Ultron feels recycled and Agents of Shield did his concept a lot better with AIDA in Agents of Shield. A good Marvel movie but it just didn’t push the envelope of what Marvel could do. Captain America: Civil War felt more like an Avengers movie that really changed the game.

3. Avengers

The plot for this movie is just a simple bad guy bent on world domination and a bunch of heroes trying to stop him. It is merely driven on one-liners and action. That should be horrible but it isn’t. We had four years to learn about the various characters involved in this battle prior to this movie and they had developed such personalities that it makes the coming together, the interactions, the action, and so forth unique. The movie also established Mark Ruffalo’s performance as Bruce Banner/Hulk and gave more insight into Black Widow both of whom weren’t given the best of character prior to this. It’s a mindless popcorn flick but one that’s done with great wit. It is pretty much a perfect example a comic come to life. It closed the door for one part of Marvel but opened up several more that made our heroes’ journeys much more impact.

2. Avengers: Endgame

This movie did well in capping off a decade of Marvel movies and showcasing just how far the MCU has come. The movie made most of its runtime by using it to build on our characters making them feel more human than ever. The Avengers’ time on screen is disproportionate but each one makes the most of their time on screen. It’s embodying so much of what we loved about these heroes in it. And the actors for all the original Avengers all gave performances that knocked the movie out of the park. All this being said the pacing for the movie could have been better and some scenes in the second third did go on for too long and the time travel logic does have some plot holes. In any case this movie had a lot of hype built up and it managed to live up to it. It took some shocking turns and it shows what can be accomplished through ten years of world and character building.

1. Avengers Infinity War

Since the first Avengers movie, Thanos’ arrival had been hyped and it almost became a joke. Thankfully they made Thanos anything but just another disposable big bad as Josh Brolin does some impressive motion capture and gives him a frightening vibe with who he is in regards to his twisted relationship to his daughters, his motivations, how he executes them, and what he will do next. This is pretty much his movie and the Avengers are mostly a back seat. But we’ve had enough time to learn so much about these characters that it works and the movie does well in balancing out so many of the heroes. Even though they are split so far apart in their quest it gives way to not only classic interactions but also some new ones as well. The movie is quickly paced but it’s just enough time and the right choices of words to establish likable relationships. And the movie goes out on quite a chilling note with the snap leaving no sense of happiness or victory. This was a movie that knew just how much to change and how much to keep the same.

How do you rank the Avengers movies? Are their any rankings you disagree with? Well leave your thoughts in the comments below.