Top 5 Victorious Episodes



Victorious was widely considered one of the last few good Nickelodeon live action shows out there and that’s a fair statement to make. The show is by no means flawless but it has some great and enjoyable mains and the writing knew how to balance out their antics and make them well-rounded characters in the relationships they shared with one another. However it didn’t have much direction in its story and a lot of episodes felt more like they stopped rather than ended. But there are a fair couple that truly made the show memorable and some that are far better than what anyone would give credit for. This list takes a look at the top 5 best Victorious episodes.

Honorable mention: Freak the Freak Out


Victorious’ first hour-long special didn’t really have much ambition. Both the plots with Jade and Cat getting into a rivalry with a pair of other girls at a karaoke bar and Tori taking care of a wisdom teeth-removed Trina are both fun but they feel more like separate episodes than they do tie together. With that being said we get to see both Liz and Ariana show off some killer pipes and anyone watching it for the first time will be quite shocked.

5. Tori and Jade’s Playdate


In this episode Tori and Jade have to portray a husband and wife respectively in Sikowitz’s upcoming play but their animosity towards one another makes it rather difficult for them to do believably. Thus Sikowitz sets them up on a date together at Nozu for them to work out their differences. The reason why this episode is lowest on the list is because it could have led to so much more in developing the frenemy relationship between the two and while we get some tender moments between them it’s interrupted when a pair of guys start hitting on them. Granted this leads to a great duet with the two of them but it felt rather distracting from Jade and Tori trying to be friendly with one another. With that being said there’s a nice subplot with Robbie and Cat conveying bad news in an upbeat manner through song and it gets a couple of laughs and it’s a nice testament to the bond the two of them share.

4. Locked Up


This TV special involved the gang going to a foreign, dictator-ruled, and at war country called Yerba for a free vacation provided they perform there for seven nights. However through a series of mishaps the gang end up in prison and must escape. This episode did well in bringing the comedic appeal of just about every character (and for once making Tori and Trina actually feel like sisters) whether it be Jade peacefully sleeping in the midst of the war, Cat teaching prisoners to dance, Beck giving prisoners fashion tips, Tori being completely out of her element, etc. And there were some legitimate stakes in the process. It is an enjoyable and ambitious special for the show and I do wish there could have been a sequel as even though the gang makes it out Yerbian authorities still are looking for them.

3. Cat’s New Boyfriend


This was an episode that did a lot for Cat and Tori’s friendship while also giving more to their characters. In it Tori runs into her ex boyfriend, Daniel at Hollywood Arts whom it turns out is now dating Cat. While at a school event she sees them so happy together and in a jealous rage squirts cheese all over the both of them and eventually finds herself kissing Daniel leaving Cat devastated. I did like the fact that this episode showed that Tori wasn’t a perfect person: she could make mistakes and could hurt people with there being consequences. And a later episode showed that Tori didn’t forget this as she mentions this was the worst thing she ever did. The episode also showed that Cat wasn’t just a mere adorable airhead. When she sees Tori kissing Daniel she doesn’t get angry but her expressions of hurt and feelings of betrayal over the matter say so much. This is something that carried through to other episodes where Cat got legitimately upset: when she felt vulnerable, scared, or upset it felt genuinely heartbreaking.

2. The Diddly-Bops


Andre has shown to be a consistently great character but this was the episode that really shined on him. The story is that Sikowitz asks the gang to perform as a children’s band at a birthday party for his former roommate’s son. Andre meanwhile has made huge on a music deal but when a video of their performance gets leaked on the Internet the record label drops the deal with Andre out of fear it may wreck their image. Past episodes have shown how serious and passionate Andre has been about music and it’s really sad to see how he feels that just one small act ruined his whole career. It was really nice to see an Andre centered episode where he isn’t just a best friend to Tori and this is one that truly gave more insight to his character particularly with the song he sings at the end. Even if he does sing it with Tori (as usual) the two have always shown to have amazing synergy together and it still allowed us to see a different side of Andre.

1. Wok Star


This episode started the hilarious running gag with Jade mocking Tori as a southern belle but that’s not the best portion of this episode. Without a doubt Jade West has shown to be the most complex (and without a doubt best) character in the entire show having with quite a demented mindset but various friend and enemy relationships to just about every character on the show. Various episodes have shown different sides of Jade but this episode showed her at her most human. The story involves Jade wanting to put on a play called Well Wishes where a girl falls down a well and drowns in her own tears. However when the school rejects the play for being too disturbing Tori and the gang try to find someone willing to put up the money. Eventually they find the owner of a Chinese Restaurant known as Wok Star named Mrs. Li who offers to help produce the play (given her love for celebrities) but makes a change involving her daughter starring in the play. We find out more about Jade in this episode including her father who has no respect for artistic ambition and put on the play in hopes she would be able to prove her father wrong. We do see a portion of the play as she envisioned towards the end and that scene where Cat’s character seemingly dies only to be brought back to life by the actor portraying her character’s father kissing her forehead is not only a very touching scene in itself but also gives some insight into Jade’s psyche. And the episode goes out on a heartwarming note with Jade and Tori sharing a real hug.

Are there any other Victorious episodes you think should be on the list? Any episodes you agree or disagree with? Well leave your thoughts in the comments below!