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Thanos: I am inevitable.

Beware: Spoilers may follow.

11 years of 22 Marvel movies have been leading up to this one. Since the devastating ending of Infinity War this movie has been hyped all over the internet community and was intended to close the book on several years worth of storytelling. As of today the endgame has arrived (literally and figuratively). It definitely lived up to the hype and while there are certainly going to be more MCU movies if they just ended it right here it would have been fine. It not only resolves Infinity War but also caps off several years of characters we’ve grown to love.

The story is that after the events of Infinity War where Thanos succeeded in his plan to wipe out humanity, the remaining heroes gather together to find Thanos and reverse the damage that has been done.

The past Avengers movies had stories that were more or less standard and its strength fell more to its characters. And based on the description of the synopsis for this movie you would think this movie would roughly be in the same vein. However that is not the case here as this movie has strength in both story and characters. Whereas Infinity War was more of Thanos’ movie and the Avengers took more of a backseat it’s vice-versa this time. The first act of the movie alone goes in quite a shocking direction and in a sense I almost thought the writers were trying to fool us but it hits hard with each and every character involved. The movie is over three hours long and from the shocking direction of the first act it uses the time of the that and the second act to very much build upon the emotional states of our heroes, making them feel more human than ever. The movie takes time for many things with the characters such as humor, grief, guilt, and love. Even though the each Avenger’s time on screen can get a tad disproportionate each actor makes the best of their time on camera no matter how big or small.

The character building in the first two acts allows for the action to be more rewarding and it leads to an intense, beautiful, and grand action scene in the third act. It’s something that truly feels like something that can only be accomplished through a whole decade worth of Marvel movies. It feels like everything the movies have done have led up to this. It proves that Endgame isn’t just one movie it’s several. That one scene and the various interactions prior showcase the MCU’s entire legacy.

Many MCU movies have shown us that great victory comes at a great cost and while the cost isn’t nearly as much as Infinity War the old saying goes “quality over quantity.” I’m not going to go into details here but there are a couple of tragedies: One that I didn’t see coming and another one that like the final battle, pretty much shows the entire legacy of the MCU.

The movie has a large ensemble of superheroes involved and the actors go above and beyond in their performances. But what really stood out is the original team: the ones that we started out with way back in 2012. All throughout the movie you could feel everything these guys were saying, every expression, every word, every movement, and it makes the movie go out with a bang. Because these are people who we started out with and are here with them now, they’re the ones we connect with in such a devastating time.

If there is one problem with the movie it’s with its pacing. As I said before, unlike Infinity War not every Avenger was balanced out and there are one or two moments in the second half that either dragged on longer than they were supposed to or maybe the movie could have done without. It very much felt distracting to whatever problem was at hand.

What makes Endgame such a great movie is the fact that it has such an appreciation for every single Marvel hero. It’s not just fixing the wrongs of Infinity War but it is also capping off all the years of movies that preceded it. This whole thing feels like a major climax and the end of an era of superheroes that have been family amongst each other and a family that we have grown to love as well. And although it may be the end for some, no matter what new superheroes may come next, there is a legacy within that will live on forever. Not only with the characters but also with us.

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  1. Very great post. Very heartfelt. Endgame was a special movie, and was important in the whole MCU. Thank you Marvel, for giving us something that means a whole lot.


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