Five Horrible Nicktoons


Despite the numerous bad live actions shows by them, Nickelodeon also had several wrongs in the animation department. If you were to look at Nickelodeon based on these shows you would never see them as the creative animated force they used to be. This list takes a look at the worst of animated Nick shows. Note: None of these are ranked in any particular order.

1. Planet Sheen


I know some people didn’t fully get into the original Jimmy Neutron. But no one can deny it had a wide range of colorful characters, a nice setting, good jokes, and fun but believable relationships among each other. Among these aspects being the hyperactive, short-tempered, and Ultra Lord obsessed Sheen Estevez. Planet Sheen took so many good qualities about the title character in the original show and threw it out the window just to make him a one-dimensional idiot (who cares nothing for the fact that he’s on an alien planet and may never see his friends again). Even the animation just looks horrible with the bland designs and way too bright colors. The animation in the original Jimmy Neutron may not hold up as well but there are still solid characters and story to fall back upon. There was supposed to be a Jimmy Neutron movie to wrap up this series but this was so bad that it wound up cancelled.

2. Fanboy & Chum-Chum


Back in 2007 Nickelodeon had a choice between greenlighting two shows: Adventure Time and this. We may never know how Nickelodeon would have handled Adventure Time but it definitely could not be any worse than this. The characters’ voices are downright insufferable and they never shut up. There is always something loud or obnoxious happening out of fear that if it stops it will lose the audience’s attention. And the only audience this is going to have any appeal to is to maybe really little kids. This show is thankfully long gone and hopefully in no way will see the light of day again.

3. Glenn Martin DDS


This stop motion show was Nickelodeon’s attempt to be more adult. But much like Sanjay and Craig this show was very reliant on raunchy and gross-out humor particularly with a running gag about a dog’s butt. Sadly this and other gross visual gags did little to bring in the laughs and just left audiences disgusted. Even worse it tries to force this humor with the canned laugh track. Gross out humor can be funny, but it takes cleverness and wit as well. This doesn’t have any of that.

4. Sanjay and Craig


The writing in this show is nothing short of crude relying on terrible potty humor. And this humor pretty much overshadows anything else the story or the characters are trying to convey. There were many buddy-buddy animated shows out there around the time that were far better than this. This just talks down to its audience not giving an iota of substance to its characters.

5. Breadwinners


From the moment it hit Nickelodeon’s screen this show has been considered the lowest point of Nickelodeon animation. Somehow this show was once considered the top rated show for kids and maybe there is an audience for this show but kids really deserve better. The messages it sends are downright twisted. None of its writing involves anything challenging or stimulating and instead goes for butt humor, fart humor, gross out jokes, and violence that really does not suit the age demographic. The animation is horribly cheap. It takes the worst parts of several bad Nicktoons and combines them. The hyperactivity in its movements, talking, and flashy colors has no direction whatsoever. There is no worse Nickelodeon cartoon out there and thankfully this show got cancelled after only a season. It deserves to be remembered for everything that Nicktoons did wrong. No matter what audience this is supposed to appeal to, they don’t deserve this and Nickelodeon is capable of doing far better.

Are there any other horrible Nicktoons you think deserve a spot on this list? Any you agree or disagree with? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.