Avengers: Age of Ultron Review


Pietro Maximoff: You didn’t see that coming.

Beware: Spoilers may follow.

The first Avengers movie way back in 2012 was a huge hit in combining all the superheroes from the past solo movies into one big action-packed movie. In some respects this sequel does give a little bit more. While in others it’s hard to maintain the awe after the first movie.

The story involves the Avengers uniting to take on the remnants of Hydra’s forces and find Loki’s scepter from the last movie. However, one of Hydra’s test subjects known as Scarlet Witch uses her powers to make Tony Stark see a vision with all the Avengers destroyed and him being responsible for it. Tony believes this was a result of him not doing enough and thus he creates an AI known as Ultron to create peace. Ultron of course wants to create peace but sees the only way to do so is by destroying humanity. Thus the Avengers must overcome their physical and mental problems in order to stop him from creating multiple versions of himself to carry out his plan.




Similar to the first movie the plot is pretty weak. But plot wasn’t the focus of the last Avengers movie. It was just for the heroes to get together, interact, and spout one-liners. And we get not only that here but also more. Halfway through the movie, the team gets mentally broken and goes into hiding at a safe house. This is easily the best scene as it gives way to a series of interactions that evolve the Avengers in ways that hadn’t been done during the time prior to this. However, this is the one scene where we see something like this. We get a lot of the action and one-liners that we expect from an Avengers movie and it’s good but a lot of it is on repeat. There’s nothing really new about them and it takes away the wow factor from the last movie because there aren’t many new Avengers for the heroes to interact their antics off of. There are a couple of new characters like Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Vision along with a whole new set of Avengers being trained towards the end but they’re mostly side characters and don’t feel as much characterized compared to the original Avengers.


There’s also a romance between Natasha and Banner, which very much comes out of nowhere. It’s not necessarily cringe worthy or distracting but it’s not an MCU romance that people can root for. In fact it’s barely given thought after this movie.


On the one hand this movie does evolve the characters in a way we didn’t know they could or would. There’s more investment in these heroes than there was from the first movie. But with the other factors like the action and the humor it feels very recycled and it can cause the viewer to lose investment. Ultron in particular is a villain we’ve seen in the past with him seeing his destruction of the world as a good thing for some reason. There was another similar villain a couple of years after this in the Agents of Shield spin-off named Aida and yet she handled the concept of Ultron’s creation and motivation to cause destruction a lot better.

Even though the concepts are recycled they are done well enough but it evolves a lot of it very little. But the audience still had the fun to be expected from a big Marvel movie. However at the end none of it culminated into something really big. The first film gave us a lot of what we never thought we’d see. This film only gives a little of what we wanted to see. This is more of a sequel to the experience of the first movie rather than an experience in itself.

Avengers Age of Ultron ups a lot of the concepts of the first movie but only gives a small taste of new flavor. As a result anyone who’s seen the first movie already is not going to be taken aback by this one in the same manner. It had a lot of hype and only delivered a little on the hype. But on the whole it is still a good movie with good characters, humor, and action. For what it isn’t there are a lot of flaws but for what it is it’s an enjoyable film.