7 Great Things about the original Spider-Man trilogy


Although I strongly prefer Tom Holland as the web slinger that does not mean that there aren’t things worthy of being acknowledged as great in the original trilogy. This article takes a look at the best parts of the original trilogy that still hold up today. While there may be fewer points than the problems I pointed out, as the old saying goes, quality over quantity and these points give the movie its great quality.

1. The action


Even at the movies’ worst points, the action was still a major highlight. When Peter faced off against his foes, it got intense and the beat downs were brutal. What made it even greater is that the action would always have some kind of big aftermath, which prevented them from being pointless filler. Each action scene in the movie was engaging and would play to the story. The train scene in particular stands out among the bunch as a lot of it came down to Spidey’s brute strength and Tobey played the struggle of trying to save so many people perfectly. In the process he loses his mask and the New Yorkers carrying his unconscious body is a powerful image capped off with two kids returning his mask and the people agreeing not to tell anyone. Even at Homecoming’s best it cannot top this…for now.

2. Aunt May


Rosemary Harris’ Aunt May truly defined the character as an upstanding and moralistic character who always encouraged Peter in his endeavors in being Peter and unknowingly Spider-Man to the point that she managed to convince Peter to become Spider-Man again. While both Sally Field and Marisa Tomei were fine as the character, neither of them has been given much chance to showcase how the guidance they provide to Peter on nearly the same level. Particularly with Aunt May in Homecoming now knowing her nephew’s secret, this would be a great way to do so in Far from Home.

3. The impact of Uncle Ben’s death


No Spider-Man story is complete without a deceased Uncle Ben. And while his implied existence in Civil War and Homecoming do tie into Peter’s motivations and his connection with his aunt well, the original trilogy has the luxury of actually having and mentioningUncle Ben in the movie. And we see how Uncle Ben’s life lessons and death motivates him to fight the good fight in all three movies and the difficulty of Peter and Aunt May being without him.

4. Flint Marko’s transformation into Sandman

Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 10.16.33 PM.png

While his motivation of turning to crime to help his ailing daughter was set up rather well, with all the other villains there isn’t nearly enough focus on him and the Uncle Ben twist was nothing short of pointless. But the transformation sequence where he becomes the Sandman is amazing where without the use of any dialogue he learns who he has become and comes to terms with it physically and emotionally. Just the music and expressions do this scene justice and it’s quite poetic.

5. Doc Ock


Alfred Molina portrayed this character brilliantly giving him the perfect amount of insanity but not to the point that it went over the top. His character was very interesting in that for all his evil he was a legitimate brilliant mind and the mechanical arms didn’t turn him evil as much as they played on the weaknesses of having said mind. This is the kind of villain Norman Osborn should have been. If they ever find a way to bring back Doc Ock for the MCU movies, let this guy reprise the role.

6. The Spidey and MJ kiss

kiss.jpgWhile the romance between Peter and Mary Jane is easily one my least favorite parts about of original trilogy this piece of imagery here is outright iconic. There have been kisses in the rain and kisses after saving a damsel in distress but never had it been combined. This kiss won an MTV movie award and was heavily parodied and paid homage to in various other hero stories following it.

7. J. Jonah Jameson


I specifically left this one for last because man does J.K. Simmons pretty much steal the show in just about every scene he is in. This guy was cast perfectly and it’s safe to say that it is unanimous there is no other actor who could top this portrayal. Dear MCU: Don’t let Peter get a job at the Daily Bugle (or whatever newspaper they have him work for) without bringing this guy back as Peter’s boss.

Are there any other points you think are great that weren’t featured on here? Any you disagree with? Leave your thoughts in the comments below