Top 5 Agents of Shield Couples


Agents of Shield is one of the last remaining Marvel shows out there. In the world of Marvel it has a lot of things that are largely overlooked including some great villains and truly heartfelt romances. This article takes a look the best five of the latter.

Honorable mention: Skye and Ward (Season 4 only)

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In the first season these two seemed showed promise. And then we found out Ward was a member of Hydra and a mole within Shield and did horrible things that she in no way approved of and rightfully so. Ward had a rather dysfunctional love for Skye and in no way deserved her in all the horrible things he did and continued to do even after he was outed. However Season 4 provided us a different Ward who was roughly the same as his real-world version but was a member of Shield and a mole within Hydra due to never meeting John Garrett but instead met Shield agent Victoria Hand. While these two were never official, it allowed them both to finally get closure and for Daisy to fully understand him. This truly gave way to the deepness and complexity of Ward. And while Ward knew this wasn’t his Skye, he still went out of his way to help her and showed clear disdain for his real world counterpart and being a passionate man towards her and Jemma. It’s quite sad that this guy couldn’t go to the real world.

5. Phil and Rosalind


This couple is lowest on the list because frankly they didn’t last long before Rosalind’s tragic death. But for what time they lasted it was still good enough. Even though Rosalind originally viewed Shield as an enemy, she still had some understanding of the people within its organization. This allowed her relationship with Coulson to build up in a believable way. Both were leaders and really only had each other to understand the stress they often faced. Sadly they had little time before Grant Ward shot her and it took away any further opportunity for development.

4. Mack and Yo-Yo


Mack has always been the man of sense through all the craziness Shield has had to deal with. And Elena “Yo-Yo” Rodriguez played off Mack’s reactions to the craziness perfectly. Mack was initially scared of Inhumans and as a result it was rather odd that he would fall in love with one. These two had great chemistry. Not only did these two have a great friendship but also their love involved them willing to do anything for one another. When Mack decided to stay in a virtual world known as the Framework with his daughter who was deceased in the real world Yo-Yo not only risked herself being gone permanently to save him but also was willing to stay by his side when Mack initially refused to leave. In Season 5 Mack was willing to risk never returning to his own time to save her and even went out of his way to get her a pair of robotic arms when she lost her real ones. While not the most in depth, these two were the most fun MCU couple out there.

3. Bobbi and Hunter


Although these two were divorced and often argued they were perfect for one another and proved to reconcile their relationship. Only the two of them had an understanding of their actions and just how crazy they could be. These were two agents who had the strangest ways of navigating about their work and were the perfect definition of can’t live with them, can’t live without them. While they were completely different agents in the field they both had something that the other lacked. We knew that and so did the characters. And they were given nothing short of a tearful farewell and although Bobbi’s spin-off was never created (she deserved it) we know as of the latest season these two are still out there being heroes wherever they can.

2. Coulson and May

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Yeah even though these two didn’t become official until the end of Season 5, it was a long time coming. These two actors have had amazing chemistry over the past five years and their characters have brought out the best in one another: May not only looked after Coulson’s health after his revival but also ensured he remained rational in his duties as director. May cared for Coulson more than anyone often being the one to call him out when he was being stupid. Coulson took the damaged and aloof Melinda May onto his team and over the season practically became the team mother. When Radcliffe and Aida kidnapped May in season 4, Coulson was willing to go all out in order to rescue her. Even though Coulson’s time is now limited, at least we know May is spending and making the most of the time they have left together (seriously why do we have to wait till July for season 6? Give us some time with the two of them).

1. Fitz and Simmons



This is not only the best couple on the show but also the best MCU couple of all time. Where to begin with them? For starters both the characters and the audience knew they were going to be together even before they were official. They were always addressed as FitzSimmons because they were always two halves of one whole incredible scientific genius. Over the course of the show their love has survived the craziest and most terrifying ordeals the show has had to offer including the two being trapped at the bottom of the ocean, Simmons leaving him to prevent Fitz’s brain damage from getting worse, her being stranded on another planet, fighting robot look-alikes, him being an evil torturous doctor in the Framework, being separated through time travel, and now death. Even though they believed they were cursed they still decided to be together and never does it feel rushed. For every step backwards their relationship takes, there are two gradual steps forward. These two have been there for one another through and through. They’re also one of the few MCU couples to have a wedding. And to see the two so happy in that scene and not have anything bad happen to them for once (Coulson hilariously references this) is just so satisfying.

Are there any couples in the show I missed? Any you disagree with? Well leave your thoughts in the comments below!