Team Rocket’s worst Pokemon


Team Rocket has had plenty of iconic Pokemon that they have had their own connections with in spite of their many losses. Sadly, much like the protagonists, even they cannot escape having badly written Pokemon. And this list takes a look at the worst of them.

4. James’ Victreebel


Hear me out before you start typing the angry comments people! I know a lot of people like this Pokemon and to be frank there were good things about it. This one is lowest on the list because it did start the fun running gag of James’ Pokemon biting him out of affection and much like the rest of his Pokemon, James did have passionately care for it. The problem is James had many Pokemon that handled these concepts better such as Carnivine and Cacnea. Through the Kanto saga he is just suddenly is revealed to have had it out of nowhere. It was given a rather empty send-off with James trading it away for another Victreebel and losing the both of them with neither having been seen since. It just really feels disappointing given the attachment (sometimes literally) these two had. On the whole this was not a bad Pokemon for James to have and did prove a good place on the team. It’s just that it didn’t have much to separate itself from the other Pokemon James had a strong connection with and the writing for it could have been better.

3. Jessie’s Lickitung


This Pokemon was the first Pokemon Jessie was seen to catch but did nothing outside of its debut in Kanto. Even in the Orange Islands this thing often took a back seat to Arbok. And it was very quickly disposed of in Johto for Wobbuffet. It really didn’t have much of a bond with Jessie and very much disregarded her commands and hardly was fazed about being traded away. And Wobbuffet was just a lot better.

2. Jessie’s Frillish


Jessie was revealed to have captured a Frillish in the later parts of Unova after Team Rocket departed for a while. And although a strong Pokemon being able to lift several things with Psychic and using Mist for a quick getaway and being loyal to Jessie, she mostly took a back seat to Woobat. And sadly with her being given away to Giovanni, there is almost no prospect of ever expanding on it.

1. James’ Amoongus


This easily ranks as James’ worst having almost no connection with him whatsoever. While it was willing to follow James’ commands without question but had no other character traits. Much like Victreebel it was acquired off screen (although Team Rocket’s long time departure in between episodes could help interpretations) but there is nothing unique about this Pokemon. It’s pretty much muscle for Team Rocket that didn’t get any development. And it completely replaced the more enjoyable (yet James still had it) Yamask.

Any other bad Pokemon owned by Team Rocket who didn’t make the list? Any you disagree with? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.