Team Rocket’s Best Pokemon



Team Rocket: They have been very much annoying in their antics to kidnap Pikachu. However Jessie, James, and Meowth have proven to be well rounded and enjoyable characters among each other with unique backstories and a true friendship. Throughout the regions, Jessie and James have had their own share of Pokemon that have proved to be iconic and had true bonds with them. They weren’t just sheer soldiers for battle. This list takes a look at the best of them. Note: Meowth is being left off this list as while Jessie and James have called upon him for battle multiple times, Meowth has established to be his own trainer.

James’ Growlie


Although it does not travel with him and had all of two appearances this Pokemon is shown to have a great relationship with James and vice-versa. It proves to be a strong fighter and in its brief appearances, very much established a more human side to James.

Jessie’s Wobbuffet


Though she got this Pokemon entirely by accident and it’s proven to annoy her, Jessie cares deeply for him and vice versa. Given its power of counterattacking, it proved to be useful to Team Rocket who has often been on the receiving end of blows. This is the oldest Pokemon in Team Rocket’s current arsenal and particularly in Kalos has proven to be an adept battler. Don’t get rid of this guy writers. He’s an awesome guy and one of the last connections to the original run of the show.

James’ Weezing and Jessie’s Arbok


These two were the first Pokemon Jessie and James ever had and even though they were used for evil, Jessie and James had great emotional attachment to them having had them since they were children. These Pokemon were extremely loyal to their trainers which led to a tearful goodbye when Jessie and James gave them up to protect a herd of Ekans and Koffing from a nasty poacher despite them willing to protect their trainers.

James’ Inkay


While it’s the only Pokemon James had in Kalos it still proves to be an enjoyable one. James had many Pokemon he traveled with throughout the years he genuinely cared for enough to make another list but what truly set this one apart is that he proved to be an adept battler while also having a strong bond with his trainer and the rest of Team Rocket. This bond was on level with the bond the protagonists shared with their main Pokemon such as Ash and his Pikachu. This was apparent when James was able to break Inkay free of an evil Malamar’s hypnosis and Inkay returned the favor by protecting them.

Jessie’s Mimikyu


This is the only Pokemon Jessie has caught in Alola thus far but proves to be an interesting one in how unlike it is in comparison to its species in how much it hates Pikachu. This was an intense hatred that drove Mimikyu to be with Team Rocket. While it often disobeyed Jessie due to this, the bond between these two is still growing. This was a strange Pokemon that fit in perfectly with a strange trio of antagonists.

Are there any other Pokemon owned by Team Rocket that should have made the list? Any you agree or disagree with? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.