Ash’s most forgettable Pokemon

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Every once in a while Ash catches a Pokemon that didn’t leave much of an impression. Sometimes the Pokemon can be enjoyable and sometimes it can be bad. Mostly the forgetfulness factor comes down to often being overshadowed by other Pokemon of the respective saga. This takes a look at the most forgettable Pokemon Ash had. Note: Haunter and Larvitar were not officially his and therefore will not be featured.

30 Tauros


Do you remember the episode where Ash caught these guys while growing up? No you don’t because this episode was banned internationally due to having guns. While in the safari zone Ash accidentally caught these guys after they stampeded in the way of his safari balls. The dub made no attempt to depict the capture of them. They were energetic and enthusiastic Pokemon who had a fair couple of good battles though all of these happened in subsequent journeys following the Kanto league. It was a decent Pokemon with a couple of fair wins and losses. However we don’t know any of them apart from one another and therefore they are quite indistinguishable and we don’t know whether Ash has used the same or a different Tauros each time.



This thing was only around for a mere three episodes (one of which was only a flashback) and it was extremely violent. However after Ash saved it from a fall during a fighting tournament, the two grew closer and won the tournament. Unfortunately a man named Anthony scammed Ash into giving Primeape to him to become a P1 champion and Primeape hasn’t appeared since pretty much taking away any potential for development and outside of flashbacks hasn’t been seen (unlike other Pokemon Ash gave up for training).

Raticate and Beedrill


Both these Pokemon have one thing in common: They were in Ash’s possession for less than an episode before Ash traded them away and neither of them were around long enough to make any impression. Both these Pokemon are rather below average in the games, which largely reflects their presence in the show.



This was a Pokemon that had an upbeat personality and had a fair amount of strength picking up some good league wins. The problem was that once the Hoenn league ended it was completely cast aside during the Battle Frontier Saga. Ash was intent on using him during the Sinnoh League but picked a whole different set of Pokemon instead.



After Gliscor was left for training this was an attempt to give Ash a sixth team member for the league. This was rather pointless since Gliscor wound up coming back anyway for the battle against Paul and it neither participated in any remaining gyms nor against Paul. It had a funny gag with Draco Meteor hitting Piplup and biting various things but its it didn’t at all match up with the rest of Ash’s team.



Although a hatchling, this Pokemon was quite headstrong and confident willing to pick battles with just about anyone. And to an extent, Scraggy had power to back it up. It had some good wins at a fighting type tournament and a good battle at the Icirrus Gym. The only problem was that there was a thing about it not being able to hit with Focus Blast that never came full circle. And unfortunately after its first gym battle it only saw one more match (in a montage form) before being sent to Oak’s lab. This thing had potential to capitalize on and become a Scrafty but alas it is presumably never going to be seen again.

Any other forgotten Pokemon among Ash’s arsenal? Any you disagree with? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.