Best Pokemon Ash owned in each region


Ash is not the best trainer or protagonist out there. But in every region he would go out with at least one Pokemon who proved to be a complete badass. This takes a look at the one badass Pokemon from each region. Once again Alola won’t be included on this list since Ash still doesn’t have a full team and could potentially have a new strong team member.

Honorable mention: Snorlax-Orange Islands


Although it was just a Pokemon that often ate and slept, when Snorlax came into battle it always defeated an opponent or two and helped turn around numerous matches for Ash. The only problem? All of those battles were in subsequent generations. It was pretty forgettable in its debut in the Orange Islands and did almost nothing there so it was left off the list.

Kanto: Charizard


Though he had rough moments with Ash where he would completely ignore his commands and cost Ash dearly in battle, when Charizard listened he gave it his all. This was a Pokemon surging with pride and with the strength to back it up. Charizard Chills is one of the more developmental episodes as Ash’s attempts to keep him from freezing finally opened his eyes and earn his trust as a result. Though loyal to Ash from this point onwards it still kept its likable prideful nature while also developing it further. Though Ash tearfully gave him up for training at Charicific Valley, Charizard was given many episodes to return and each time he did he had some impressive and memorable battles.

Johto: Cyndaquil


Yes I know this thing is a Quilava now but that didn’t happen until two generations later. This mostly focuses on its time in Johto where it never did evolve. A large portion of Ash’s Kanto Pokemon strongly carried over to Johto as well often combining both the old and the new when it came to battle. But if it came down to the best of the Johto bunch that honor would definitely go to Cyndaquil. It was very much the baby of Ash’s group not able to use its fire type attacks right off the bat and easily tiring out. Even though it didn’t evolve until Sinnoh, this Pokemon still had some rapid reflexes and eventually learned to ignite at will. While it lost in its only league match, when it came to gym leader battles, this Pokemon shined a great deal taking on some major threats. Yes a lot of people would have picked Heracross but its usage was limited in Johto and got more time to shine in later regions.

Hoenn: Sceptile


Although it did defeat a Darkrai, that’s not the only noteworthy aspect about this Pokemon. This was a Pokemon that had rough beginnings from its first stage but had the potential to improve and boy did it improve. Whether it lacked grass type moves, wasn’t at its final stage, or at an outright type disadvantage this Pokemon put in some work in all of its stages proving to be a major powerhouse of Ash’s team (despite being unable to attack for a while).

Sinnoh: Infernape


This was a Pokemon that had a heavy past with its fright of Zangoose and being abused by its former trainer Paul. But it played a key role in their rivalry. As Chimchar would develop and evolve so would Ash and Paul’s rivalry. And it all culminated in not one but two amazing full battles where Infernape would shine in all of its stages. The conflict involving its ability Blaze also came full circle not only in the eighth gym battle but also in the final battle against Paul. If there is one nitpick to be had from this it’s that it didn’t get to shine all that much as a Monferno. But aside from that, Infernape proved to be a major powerhouse putting in effort in every battle and only having one real loss in its final form.

Unova: Krookodile


FINALLY! One of Ash’s Unova Pokemon that fully evolved and is good. Much like Jigglypuff in the original anime this Pokemon followed Ash around as a Sandile. Unlike Jigglypuff who only showed up to annoy the gang with its slumber song, this Pokemon yearned for battle. Eventually it evolved into Krokorok and Ash caught it where it showcased some great battle skill even when at a major disadvantage such as in the battle against Brycen. Upon evolving into Krookodile it became even more of a titan not losing a single battle in its final stage. The only real problem is that after the Unova League we rarely saw this Pokemon ever again. A side note are the sunglasses which carried all throughout its stages and gave this Pokemon a legitimate charm.

Kalos: Greninja


After 5 generations of waiting Ash finally got a water-type that actually evolved in his possession. Except unlike Kingler, they actually went all the way with this Pokemon. It proved to be fast, strong, and had various creative techniques in both the gym and league battles (managing to make the move Cut look cool). They went the extra mile in introducing a new form in Ash Greninja who had an amazing design and an engaging storyline involving Ash and the two trying to achieve this form and it led to some of the series’ most engaging battles. Ash-Greninja was so popular that it crossed over to the games. Unfortunately Ash released this guy too. Bring him back in Alola writers!

Are there any other Pokemon that deserved the best spots in the regions? Any you agree or disagree with? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!