Worst Pokemon Ash owned in each region


While Ash Ketchum certainly didn’t catch ‘em all (and probably never will), he still caught a good variety of Pokemon in each region. Unfortunately not all these Pokemon were good and performed rather poorly in battle. This list takes a look at the worst Pokemon Ash owned in each region. Note: Alola is being left off this list due to Ash not even having a full-fledged team yet.

Dishonorable mention: Orange Islands-Lapras


Lapras got left off the list because it was known fully well that this Pokemon was never going to stay with Ash forever. But the image of Ash and the gang riding atop its back in the Orange Islands is iconic. But it only had one real battle which really isn’t enough to judge it and only a couple of known moves.

Kanto: Pidgeotto


Put the pitchforks away! As one of Ash’s first set of Pokemon, Pidgeotto didn’t put in all that much in battle (outside of one battle with Misty) and lost most of the time. On top of that unlike the other Pokemon Ash owned in Kanto, it didn’t really seem to undergo that much of a personality change (or even have much of one). And just when it evolved into a Pidgeot, Ash decided to release it. Although Ash promised to come back for it, he has in no way kept that promise and it’s like Pidgeot never existed.

Johto: Totodile


Here me out first people! This Pokemon was a cute and energetic one but when it came to major battles it did not do all that well. It beat a Charizard and a Kingdra in hilarious fashion but neither of these two battles were major and when you compare it to Ash’s other two starters, Cyndaquil and even Bayleef both of whom racked up some major wins in the gyms and league, it’s rather saddening that Totodile’s battle record never came close to either of these two. It didn’t even evolve (even Cyndaquil evolved two generations later).

Hoenn: Torkoal


The best this Pokemon ever did was putting up a fight against Brandon’s Registeel. But it still ended up losing and was mostly remembered for its many losses. Even when it had a type advantage, Torkoal still wound up losing to Morrison’s Steelix and tying with a Tropius. In regards to gym battles it didn’t fare much better falling to a Thunder Wave by Wattson’s Manectric and fell to Norman’s Vigoroth with just one Scratch. This Pokemon easily ranks among one of Ash’s worst fire types.

Sinnoh: Torterra


Oh Turtwig. You were so promising when you first started out. Even when it evolved you Grotle and lost its speed, you still showed some promise even knocking out Candice’s Sneasel despite the type disadvantage and putting in some work against Palmer’s Rhyperior. And then you evolved into a Torterra and started to lose every battle it participated in even when it had a type advantage. This poor Pokemon has never gotten justice for its numerous losses. #bringbackjusticefortorterra.

Unova: Oshawott


Ash had a lot of bad Pokemon in Unova enough to make another list but for the sake of being to the point it’s best we stick to just one. Oshawott was another cute and energetic Pokemon who often had little power in contrast to his pride. After its first gym battle against Cilan’s Pansage it really became nothing short of a joke. It just seemed that this thing did not get much better through its battles. It just remained the same cute and prideful Pokemon who acquired little to no new strength. And its losses were just downright embarrassing.

Kalos: Noivern


Ash had a pretty good team in Kalos. Sadly Noivern proved to be the worst of them. It had some fair development and semeed like a good replacement dragon for Ash’s released Goodra. Unfortunately when it came to battle, this Noivern largely reflected its average potential in comparison to other dragons. It only defeated one opponent with Sawyer’s Doublade and tied against his Salamence. Aside from that, Noivern pretty much came up short in several major battles in failing to defeat Alain’s Metang and Weavile. But I really can’t be angry with it. I mean Ash put a lot of work in raising this Pokemon to be good and even when it lost it did so putting up a major fight. This isn’t necessarily a bad Pokemon, but when you compare it to the standards of the other members of Ash’s team, it struggles to get out of the gate.

Are there any other Pokemon who deserved to be considered Ash’s worst? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.