Top 5 Disney Villains of the Bronze/Dark Age


After Walt Disney passed away, the quality of Disney movies went into a decline known as the Bronze Age. And with the decline of quality in their movies, so went the decline of their villains. But that did not stop some of them from being great and this list takes a look at five of the best.

5. The Heffalumps and Woozles-The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh


These guys are at the bottom because technically they weren’t even real. They were just a part of Pooh Bear’s dream. But these guys had some weird and trippy designs and colors. Their goal was just to steal honey but just the various forms they took on and the way they shifted gave a sense of creepiness to them and made the poor small Pooh Bear look helpless (and adorable) as he tried to protect his honey. Though scary in their look and how little we knew about them, these villains had a great deal of imagination put into their creation.

4. The Horned King-The Black Cauldron7e288f7fb6bece1611dceb3bc8de8124.jpg

Though his movie lost to Care Bears on opening week, he was still the saving grace of his movie. Just the way he moved and spoke instilled fear not only in stature but also power and creepiness. Unlike most villains he rarely reveled in his power but that only added to the sense of scariness this villain provided. And when he did show humor, it still came off as scary. There was a lot cut out for this movie in order to make it family friendly and the majority of those scenes came down to this guy.

3. Prince John and Sir Hiss-Robin Hood


Prince John was a hilarious villain in just how short-tempered and evil he was and yet had so much power. Combined with Sir Hiss the hilarity was dialed up to ten giving them the appearance of a married couple. These two however were masterminds concocting many ways to steal money and capture Robin. And the more sure they were of their plans, the greater the impact when they were foiled. Much like the Queen of Hearts, he had the potential to make his subjects’ lives miserable and he did to the fullest extent.

2. The Sheriff of Nottingham-Robin Hood


Though he did his work for Prince John, the Sheriff was very much the muscle to the mastermind. This guy was downright despicable in how he collects taxes taking coins out of a broken leg cast, stealing a kid’s birthday farthing, or just stealing from the poor box. And we loved to hate the man for every second of it in just how much enjoyment he had in doing so. The more despicable this villain got in collecting taxes the more we felt for the cute protagonists as they trudged through the hardest of times. Just in how much enjoyment and happiness he drew out of stealing money made him a huge baddie.

1. Professor Ratigan-The Great Mouse Detective


Vincent Price’s voice acting had the perfect mix of rage and joy. He had an ego and genius just as big as the hero Basil allowing the two to synergize perfectly. Through all his charisma and sophistication he hid his true animalistic nature building up towards and coming to light during the energized climax atop the Big Ben. This villain was the perfect blend of charisma and threat.

Are there any other Disney villains of this era I missed? Any you agree or disagree with? Well leave your thoughts in the comments below.