Top 5 Best Disney Villains of the Silver Age


While Disney’s silver age movies were nowhere near those of the Golden Age the majority of them had some amazing and comedic villains who largely wound up being the movie’s saving grace. This list takes a look at five of the best of them.

5. Lady Tremaine-Cinderella


Cinderella’s evil stepmother is lowest on the list because she didn’t have much in the way of massive villainy or powers or henchmen. But just in the way she had control over Cinderella’s life and reveled in every moment of it exemplified through her expressions such as her stares and smiles makes her downright dastardly. This is a villain that gave a great deal of life to what has been a fairy tale told repeatedly.

4. The Queen of Hearts-Alice in Wonderland


This villain is the epitome of the weirdness in Wonderland. Like most of the Wonderland inhabitants her mood alters so fast you can never tell if or when she’s calm and collected and when she goes into a fit of rage. And it’s enjoyable in just how much of a child she is in her evil and how Alice struggles to find the right words to say to this woman knowing full well at any random point she can get her head chopped off. This was a Disney villain that had great comedy in just how petty she could be and threat in the power she held.

3. Shere Khan-The Jungle Book


Although this villain didn’t appear until the last third there was just such a build up to him. This tiger had such a level of sophistication and confidence that made him a threat. Even when he knew he had the upper hand he would happily still entertain his victim’s notion. And when he would attack he would go all out making the build up well worth it. This character was a villain that made his impression on sheer account of his charisma.

2. Cruella DeVil-101 Dalmatians


This woman wanted her fur coat and was willing to murder several adorable puppies in any way possible in order to do so. She gave the appearance of a fashion obsessed and extravagant woman all the while concealing her murderous and psychotic nature within. This would gradually creep towards the surface leading towards a thrilling climax. Though her murderous and crazy nature proved to be her downfall it also proved to maker her just as deadly.

1. Maleficent-Sleeping Beauty


This villain not only had sophistication and wickedness but also the power of being a sorceress to back it up. The extremes she goes to hurt Aurora and her loved ones (over the course of 16 years no less) merely because she didn’t get invited to a birthday party are just so despicable you can’t help but love her for it. When she transformed into that fire-breathing dragon all her power and sophistication come full circle showing her as a threat that is not to be trifled with. This villain had all the elements of every other villain on this list being the perfect mix of charisma, silliness, and power internally and externally making her the best Disney villain of her time, one of the best Disney villains of all time, and one of the best villains of all time.

Are there any other Disney villains of the era I missed? Any rankings you disagree with? Well leave them in the comments below.