Top 5 Disney Villains of the Golden Age


The Golden Age was a major kick-start for Disney and established the precedents for several future Disney villains. These Disney villains, while not the most developed, are still interesting to look back upon in the impact they made in their respective movies. This list counts down the five best of them.

5. Queen Grimhilde aka The Evil Queen-Snow White


The first ever Disney villain had quite a small motivation for killing Snow White. But that does not prevent her from being a great and threatening villain. She is given an ice-cold demeanor hardly even smiling. Her transformation into an old hag brings out the terror in her inside and outside, as she is downright maniacal and evil in her actions. Although a small villain in ambition much like Maleficent over 20 years later, she had a demeanor worthy of being called evil.

4. Stromboli-Pinocchio


Although he was only in the movie for a little bit, it did not stop him from leaving an everlasting impression. His locking up of Pinocchio and plan to make money off the latter’s performances and chop him into firewood instills fear alone in just the way he describes it. His actions can both be seen in a literal and figurative sense. In many ways Stromboli is an opposite of Geppetto in how they view Pinocchio. The former views Pinocchio as nothing more than a wooden puppet to make money whereas the latter put his heart and soul into him. Nevertheless, though we don’t know what happened to Stromboli he left an impact on the characters and the audience that cannot be forgotten.

3. Man-Bambi


There is no personification of this villain but just the threat of his approach and the way the world of the forest reacts to him makes him intimidating. Though we don’t know anything about this villain it perfectly helps tie into Bambi’s journey of understanding the world. He’s a realistic villain in that we don’t know why he does what he does and that’s just the way of life when it comes to people. Sometimes we don’t fully know someone and as a result their actions can raise questions.

2. The Coachman-Pinocchio


I’ve discussed this villain in length before so I’ll keep it brief. Though he was mostly seeking to get rich he was a cruel villain in the way he treated the young donkey-transformed boys whipping them and selling them into slavery. In contrast to the Blue Fairy who taught children to be good and selfless, the Coachman corrupted children for his own gain. This villain didn’t get to Pinocchio but it did not prevent his actions as he presumably is still carrying out his plans freely.

1.  The Chernabog-Fantasia


This character is the pure personification of evil in pretty much being the devil incarnate. There is not a single Disney villain whose evil was not drawn from this guy. He channels the worst evils there are in raising the dead to wreak havoc and taking great pleasure in toying with and destroying them in the process. Even though he didn’t speak, his look and expressions said it all in encompassing the dark, hatred, and power-hungry demeanor that many Disney villains succeeding him would have.

Are there any other Disney villains of the era that should have been on the list? Any rankings you agree or disagree with? Well leave your thoughts in the comments below!