A Look Back on Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators


Villain:I made your shoes… MODERATELY FILTHY!

Beware: Spoilers may follow.

In 2006 Nickelodeon decided to do another Jimmy Timmy Power Hour crossover. The first one put the title characters in the other’s universe, which led to hilarious shenanigans given the contrast in each show’s tones. The second one built on the first by creatively having the worlds collide. While it is a good special on its own, compared to the standards of the first two, it could have been better.

The story is that Jimmy and Timmy meet up with each other once again. When they learn Cindy is out of town, they decide to put aside their differences and hang out with one another. After getting bored of fighting several past villains from each other’s universes the two decide to create a new one for them to fight. The villain originally has no desire to be evil. However eventually they succeed in making him evil after abandoning him and he steals Cosmo and Wanda’s magic as well as Timmy’s brains and decides to destroy both universes and create his own.

This special brought Timmy to Retroville once again and the heroes of Retroville to Dimmsdale. The animation on them is still nice. However, even though it was brief, it also brought Chester, AJ, and the villain to Retroville and their 3D designs were not very good. With the idea of taking the inhabitants of both universes and combining them this is something that could have led to more creativity. Instead most it is a rather odd mesh of both with mostly the FOP style shining.

It was legitimately nice to see Jimmy and Timmy find common ground after two specials worth of squabbling. And it leads to some enjoyable team ups against classic foes and we see how their forces of science and magic combined are ones to be reckoned with. However it causes them to neglect all their other friends in the process. This is a trope that has been done in both of these shows (and others) and it feels rather recycled here. All of this does however give way to the highlight of this special which is the villain.

The villain (whose name isn’t Shirley) is this special’s saving grace. The voice actor for him, Jeff Garlin, gives the character the perfect balance of comedy and threat and his design nicely compliments the aforementioned aspects. His descent into villainy both parodies and pays homage to various villain tropes.

Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3 is in no way a bad crossover on by itself. It has a nice friendship between the protagonists and a great villain. But compared to how the first established and the second built on the predecessor it’s not bad as much as it is underwhelming. And in the long run, both these shows were on rather rocky roads following this.