A Look Back on Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide.


Jimmy Neutron: Do you always have to get the last word?

Beware: Spoilers may follow

With the first Jimmy Timmy Power Hour turning out to well received, the creators decided to make a second one. The result is still pretty good and furthers on several ideas that the first special left open.

The story is that Timmy Turner needs a date for his Friday the 13th school dance. Given that no one in Dimmsdale is willing to go with him he returns to Retroville with Cosmo and Wanda in tow to ask Cindy Vortex but tensions rise when Jimmy Neutron wants to take her to his own Friday the 13th school dance. Meanwhile the anti-fairies have a nefarious plan to make sure Friday the 13th lasts forever. Meanwhile Jimmy’s nemesis, Professor Calamitous wants to destroy the universe and travels to Timmy’s universe and winds up getting intertwined with Jorgen and the Anti-Fairies.

The narrative improves with it being a lot more bound involving all the characters. Given that they have already met it builds upon the first one by having them all interact with one another. Even when the characters are separated it’s paced to the right amount so that the plot doesn’t fall apart and it doesn’t feel like two different stories. The villains for instance, this time intertwine all our heroes whereas in the last special Goddard’s rampage and Crocker destroying Fairy World were entirely independent of one another.

The story of taking Cindy to the dance is more of a framing device to escalate Jimmy and Timmy’s rivalry and collide the two aspects of their world. And the special has a lot more fun with having these two characters working off one another and pitting Timmy’s nearly boundless supply of magic against Jimmy’s vast but limited by laws knowledge of science. The anti-fairies are disposed of rather quickly but it does give way to a team up (and eventually fusion) between Jorgen and Calamitous. These are two well-developed characters and it’s played with the perfect menace and comedy through how they work off one another (particularly when they are fused together) and through their respective voice actors. The only real nitpick is that as enjoyable as it is, it’s only for the last third and these two were enjoyable villains that will sadly never get another chance to combine again.

This special transferred more of the Retroville characters including Sheen, Cindy, Carl, and Libby to Timmy’s universe for the first time and you can tell the animators put a great deal of effort in adapting their designs for 2D animation to make them synergize with the rest of the 2D world. We also get Jorgen von Strangle transferred to Retroville and for the most part his design looks decent.

Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2 helped build upon the gap and prospects that the first special left and experimented with a good variety of new ideas. It combined parts of both worlds and took the best parts of what we enjoyed with the predecessor.