A Look Back on The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour


Jimmy Neutron:AAAHHH! An “F”! It burns!

Beware: Spoilers may follow.

Jimmy Neutron and Fairly OddParents were both popular Nickelodeon cartoons in the early 2000s. Thus the powers that be at Nickelodeon decided to do a crossover involving the two in 2004. Now, Nickelodeon had done a crossover before with Rugrats Go Wild a year prior but it didn’t take much advantage of the colliding of two worlds. This however, did a lot better (and got two more specials as a result).

The story is that Timmy Turner in attempt to complete his science project wishes to be sent to the best lab in the universe. Thus he is sent to Jimmy Neutron’s lab in Retroville. Jimmy accidentally uses Timmy’s magical transporter created by Cosmo and Wanda and winds up in Dimmsdale. As they attempt to return home the two encounter the side characters and run into threats of the other’s world.

Although the two don’t really meet until the end and thank one another for saving their respective worlds, the special draws a great deal of entertainment and humor in having Jimmy and Timmy exploring and meeting the various parts of the other’s worlds. And it works as while both shows are comedies, they have different tones: Fairly OddParents is more fantasy and magic whereas Jimmy Neutron is more science fiction. Even though Jimmy and Timmy don’t get much interaction it’s enjoyable in how these two characters are completely out of their element and how they and everyone else they and everyone else react as a result. For instance Jimmy doesn’t think Cosmo and Wanda are fairies but rather Computer Programs and Jimmy’s friends seeing Timmy as a genius. And we would get more of the two title characters interacting in the sequels.

The models for 3D Timmy and 2D Jimmy were pretty well done and it would give way to Hartman expanding on the other Jimmy Neutron characters in 2D animation in the sequels (although we would later find out that some 2D models didn’t translate well to 3D). However Goddard’s design just used the same model just with a bit of cell shading. But he only appears in the end and only for a couple minutes before the special ends.

Jimmy Timmy Power Hour is an all around fun crossover that took full advantage of the idea of having two characters find themselves in completely different worlds in terms of tone and built off of that in an enjoyable and funny way. Much like Rugrats Go Wild, the two characters don’t fully meet and interact until the very end but it framed the concept of two worlds through having different conflicts (Jimmy dealing with magic and Timmy dealing with science) than what the characters in the show are used to and put its characters in legitimately funny scenarios. It gave the prospect of future meetings and potential between these two characters and followed through on it.

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