A Look Back on the Rugrats spin-off, Preschool Daze


We all remember Rugrats for its various adventures shown through the eyes of the baby protagonists. Despite starring babies, the show covered timeless topics like Chanukah, Passover, the death of a mother, and the changing of families. Some fans didn’t warm up to certain decisions of the show such as the additions of Kimi and Dil and the All Grown Up spin-off. Despite these decisions the franchise kept a good fanbase and still had relatively good writing. However what many don’t remember is that Rugrats had another spinoff in 2005 called Preschool Daze. There were only four episodes making it the shortest Nicktoon ever produced.


The first problem with the show was the animation style. The original show and had a unique and charming style to it that helped contribute to the adventures that the characters went through in giving them the perspectives they had on certain matters. The inquisitive expressions on the characters gave them a great deal of life. The style used there is something that even All Grown Up kept. The animation here however, looks like cheap flash animation from a bad computer game. Everyone seemed to have rosy cheeks and it looked rather unsettling.

The plot of each episode was the same: Angelica tries some devious scheme to be popular but Susie manages to outwit her and prove her lies. It gets old and boring fast. There’s no sense of adventure in going into unknown territory that the original had. And there’s nothing of clever humor that the original show had either. The kids in the class constantly fall victim to Angelica’s schemes and none of them have any skepticism about any of it. Tommy and the others often fell for Angelica’s schemes also but they did remember that Angelica had a habit of tricking them in the past. And the new characters such as Harold, Savannah, and Miss Weemer are rather forgettable and sometimes unlikable. With not many noteworthy characters outside of Angelica and Susie there isn’t much of an engaging world for them to work their antics off and thus it becomes forgettable.

Preschool Daze was a pretty bad spin-off and the creators treated it as such by cancelling it after four episodes with no definitive conclusion. Even today, it hardly airs. No matter how bad Rugrats may have gotten, it never reached this level. The original Rugrats was targeted towards children but it had enough cleverness and covered sensitive territory for adults to appreciate. This is something that wouldn’t even appeal to children and unless they want to take a look at the worst of the franchise, it’s nigh on unwatchable for adults.