A look back on Drake and Josh


In the world of various Nick sitcoms there is one that shines above all others. It has a simple premise but made the most out of its scenarios and characters. It has clever writing and iconic dialogue that is quoted within and outside its fanbase even today. That sitcom is none other than Drake and Josh. The story involves teens Drake Parker and Josh Nichols whose respective parents, Audrey and Walter decide to get married thus making the two stepbrothers. Being on two completely different sides of the social spectrum, the two go on all sorts of crazy and unpredictable adventures while dealing with the idea that they are family to one another.

The show did amazing in its comedy, acting, and storytelling. There were no real confines to the story so it could explore a wide variety of scenarios. Its storytelling also proved to be relatable to teens whether it was school struggles, problems with relationships, or anything else it portrayed the struggles in a very believable way. The antics on the show were sometimes ridiculous but the way the actors delivered it through their crazy body movements, yelling, and so forth gave the show its entertainment value.

The jokes in this show are amazing. There is nary a single line of dialogue of comedy that has not gone down as great. Even if the joke was just entirely random it would get a laugh through the way the actors delivered it sometimes giving a sense of self-awareness to the randomness of the whole thing. Each character had a sense of normality but also had some method of weirdness and goofiness to them that made their attempts to be sensible all the more funny. Each episode opens up with Drake and Josh talking to the audience. It doesn’t always tie into the episode’s premise but it helps set the humorous tone in each episode.

Drake and Josh were completely opposite characters on a social level and they gave an entire new life to this cliché. Drake was the simple guy who avoided work and was more of the charming ladies’ man whereas Josh was the science nerd who loved Oprah. Even though the two would have many a squabble they had some common ground with one another so when they teamed up it was not only believable but also awesome. The two had such a natural chemistry with one another. You could understand their bond whether it was planning something  or the going through a struggle. Both were different in their own way in embodying these clichés and neither outshined the other. The various scenarios throughout the show allowed both of them to utilize their pesonalities on their own and combine them when it came to the conflict in a funny but also legitimate way.

Then there was Drake and Josh’s younger sister Megan. Some hate to love her and some love to hate her. She was just so sly and petty in the way the various ways she tried to sabotage her brothers. Her mischief would sometimes pit the two against each other but also help unite the two closer as a result.

Like most good TV shows those who have been into it from the beginning have watched these two grow physically and mentally and the bond between Drake and Josh is established from the first episode but evolves in each one. And it is nice to know that these two still remain good friends in real life.

Drake and Josh is just an all around amazing show. Its premise is a rather simple but its characters and writing go above and beyond. This easily makes it the best Nick sitcom to date (and I don’t think any Nick sitcom no matter how good will outdo it).