A look back on Spongebob Season 2 Episode 15: Band Geeks


Patrick: Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Beware: Spoilers may follow

Many people, including myself were rather angry that Sweet Victory was not played at the Super Bowl yesterday despite the fact there was a great deal of promise towards it particularly with the passing of SpongeBob’s creator Stephen Hillenburg in 2018. Despite that, we still have the episode the song originated from known as Band Geeks, which is widely regarded as the greatest SpongeBob episode of all time.

The story is that Squidward receives a call from his rival Squilliam Fancyson who has excelled at everything Squidward wishes he could. Squilliam reveals to Squidward that he has become the leader of a band that is to play at the Bubble Bowl but he is unable to attend and suggests that Squidward substitute for him (knowing full well Squidward lacks a band). Thus Squidward assembles his band from several known and unknown Bikini Bottom Residents.

One of the good aspects of this episode is the comedy. SpongeBob episodes are known for their comedic moments but here there is a funny visual or verbal gag at pretty much every point. And there is not a single one that doesn’t stick or isn’t widely remembered. I could spend this whole article going into the jokes of this episode but the quote at the beginning alone is just solidifies the comedy of this episode.

While it is funny in the way all the band members fail to play it gets rather sad when Squidward chews them all out for getting into a literal band brawl and is not so much mad as much as devastated by their behavior telling them not to show up tomorrow. This motivates the band members to do better and it leads to what makes this episode a classic. The Sweet Victory song is an amazing, funny, and all around satisfying rock ballad through David Glen Eisley’s voice, the lyrics, and the visuals of seeing several well-known characters throughout the show give their all despite the fact Squidward was expecting a disaster. The episode is capped off with Squidward jumping for joy and it feels great to see Squidward, a character who has often been screwed over (unjustified and justified) actually win.

Band Geeks is well deserving of its status as the best SpongeBob episode. It took the best elements of the SpongeBob episode and dialed them up to eleven and they all mounted towards an amazing ending that makes it a centerpiece in not only the hall of SpongeBob but also a titan in the history of greatest animated moments.