Best black characters in the Arrowverse

The Arrowverse has a diverse cast for sure with people from different backgrounds, sexualities, and the like. Each Arrowverse show has a black character in it.  In honor of black history month I decided to look at the best black characters in the history of the Arrowverse shows. Note: none of these characters are ranked in any particular order.

John Diggle-Arrow


Dig was the first person to discover Oliver’s identity as the Arrow and has since been of great friend to Oliver and his allies. He provides Oliver with a sense of direction, has a nice brother-sister relationship with Felicity, and has been a mentor to Roy Harper. He also is largely comedic in seeing the abilities of the Flash and the Legends’ time ship. David Ramsey’s performance does well in showcasing the emotions the character has but also shows that they do not get in the way of him thinking logically. Being the first to know Oliver’s identity, Diggle can largely be considered the founding member of the familial bonds that have been created among Team Arrow.

Joe West-The Flash


Joe West proves to be a great father having looked after three kids for most of his life and now a fourth in baby Jenna. Despite not having powers, he has utilized his skills as a man of the law to help Team Flash in every way with great fortitude. Having looked after Barry since the latter was a child he has a strong bond with Barry and by extension the many other members of Team Flash that subsequently grows throughout the seasons.

Jefferson Jackson-Legends of Tomorrow


Although long gone from the team now, Jax came to the team a hero and left as a legend. Even before becoming Firestorm he had an immense care for others, as the night of the particle accelerator explosion he was willing to risk his football career being ruined to help his fellow teammate to safety. During his years with the Legends he formed a father-son bond with his other half Martin stein and a sibling-like relationship with Captain Lance (the latter of which sometimes resulted in him taking charge when Sara is not around). During field missions and on the home front Jax has shown to go all out physically and mentally threatening a brainwashed Rip Hunter, freeing the younger Martin Stein, saving President Johnson, and taking on Malcolm Merlyn.

Amaya Jiwe-Legends of Tomorrow


Like Jax, she is long gone from the team now. Though never intent on becoming a legend, she entered the team a hero and left as such. When we first meet her she thinks little of the Legends believing them to be unprofessional but having a great deal of respect for Sara due to her combat skills. Through her interactions with the Legends she has helped members such as Mick Rory and Zari Tomaz become family among the team whilst becoming family to them herself. She is not however fully without restraint as she immediately attacked the Legends without question thinking they killed Rex Tyler and in season 3 sometimes went berserk with her totem having the animal in control rather than it controlling her.

Cecille Horton-The Flash


With Jesse Martin having taken a leave of absence from the show, Cecille has had much opportunity to show just how much she can do. Danielle Nicolet’s performance gives way to some hilariously timed jokes. Regardless, even before that Cecille has proven to be a fun character in just how much she can do. She is a perfectly loving girlfriend to Joe being able to understand his struggle of raising Iris, Barry, and Wally alone and has helped the three time and again with their struggles. While her telepathic powers in Season 4 were merely a plot device they contribute greatly to the comedy Cecille has brought in that season and the latest one. And she has used them to help Team Flash and do her part in fighting the rampant crookedness in Central City.

J’onn J’onzz-Supergirl


Since revealing himself as Martian Manhunter, J’onn has been a caring, loving, altruistic, and moralistic individual trying to make the world a better place and have aliens and humans live harmoniously. Even before Alex and Kara knew him, he took it upon himself to look after them as if they were his own daughters and still continues to do so. Kara and Alex also look to J’onn as their father (to the point even the latter asked him to walk her down the aisle for her wedding to Maggie). J’onn’s relationship with the Danvers sisters largely gives way to a great deal of emotional value throughout the show.

Are there any others you think should have been on this list? Any you agree/disagree with? Well leave em in the comments below.