A Look Back on Planet Sheen


Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius was a great cartoon with its colorful animation, clever writing, and vibrant characters. The character of Sheen Estevez in the show served as an excellent comic relief with his obsession with Ultra Lord figures as well as his hyper and bizarre nature. In 2010, Sheen got his own spin-off simply titled Planet Sheen. And it proved to be downright terrible both on its own and in context of Sheen ‘s character and its predecessor.

The story involves Sheen taking Jimmy’s rocket and crash-lands on to the planet Zeenu. The emperor views him as a being of superior intellect sent from above while his advisor Dorkus plots to destroy Sheen as when he came to Earth, Sheen destroyed his home and stole his job. Sheen wants to go home but the rocket is damaged. Thus he spends his time trying to fix the rocket while befriending several of the planet’s inhabitants.

The problems are established right from the lyrics of the theme song. It’s trying to establish its wacky and abstract style but nothing about it gives any real context to the world Sheen is on or Sheen himself. The rhyming of the lyrics make little sense

The color scheme is also bad. All the colors are far too bright and the animation looks too abstract. With that being said, the movements are well animated and the backgrounds have some good imagery. However, the aliens themselves have some really ugly designs.

Despite being stranded on the planet Sheen in no way cares about getting home. One of the biggest strengths of Jimmy Neutron was the connection of friendship and unity among the five main characters. Here he makes no mention of missing Libby or any of his other friends. Sheen never seems angry or upset about anything throughout the show, which is a sharp cry from what he was like in Jimmy Neutron. He always seems so happy-go-lucky. Whereas in Jimmy Neutron, the comedy of Sheen’s character often derived from the world reacting to him, here it’s mostly him reacting to the world, which causes a lot of the jokes to fall flat. There’s also the fact any obsession he had with Ultra Lord in Jimmy Neutron is completely gone with nothing given about it.

We also have Nesmith the monkey who like Sheen wants to get back to earth and is often annoyed and the victim of Sheen’s antics. With that being said he does have a couple of legitmately funny conversations in trying to reason with Sheen. Alas, this is his only role in the show.

The villainous Dorkus has a design that outright screams evil. And yet Sheen is completely unaware of Dorkus’ hatred for him throughout the entire show. Much like Nesmith he often suffers due to Sheen’s antics and Sheen himself only escapes Dorkus’ plans through dumb luck.

The show introduces a love interest for Sheen in the form of Aseefa, which furthers the problem of there being no mention of Libby. Seeing the two in the original just slowly grow in their relationship was a strong aspect of the show. Having him think of Libby while being attracted to Aseefa could have easily given Sheen more depth.

The show’s biggest blunder was the character Doppie. This was a green alien who looked and acted exactly like Jimmy Neutron’s Carl Wheezer (in fact they even feature Carl in a flashback when Sheen thinks he recognizes him). The problem with this is that there is nor reason not to have Carl in all this. It could have easily expanded on the friendship and them struggling to return home.

If it were a show on its own, Planet Sheen would have had some form of appeal. But with all the charm Jimmy Neutron gave to Sheen’s character and the creators just throwing all of it out the window, it drags down the whole project. Not only is Sheen himself completely different, but there aren’t many new appealing characters to balance and work off of him.