A Look Back on Animaniacs


Sometimes life gives us a cartoon full of energy, humor, and wit. It succeeds in entertaining both kids and adults. Animaniacs is one of those cartoons. The show’s premise involved the Warner trio, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot interacting with various people and creators from the past and present in addition to characters from pop culture and television. In the process they happily cause chaos all around.

The writing has a lot of adult jokes that will completely fly over the heads of kids watching it. However looking back on the show now as an adult, they are quite hilarious and it is amazing that several of them made it past the censors. But that’s not the only thing the writing has to its advantage. It has the usual comedic visual gags that come from other Warner Bros cartoons but it creatively parodies various ideas including historic locations, film classics, and even Hollywood celebrities.

The Warners were a bunch of hilarious trolls but they are not the only major characters. We have Pinky and the Brain (who eventually got their own spin-off), the Goodfeathers, Rita and Runt, Slappy and Skippy, and others. While some of these characters were good some were rather subpar. With that being said all of them were different in designs, personalities, and writing around them. This allowed Animaniacs as a whole to touch upon a wide variety of subjects. Even at the show’s worst it never went to the point that it would ruin the cartoon.

One of the biggest aspects of the show is the musical numbers. While there are many the three that stick out the most are Yakko’s World, Yakko’s Universe, and Wakko’s America. The visuals and lyrics in these songs are extremely creative. They parody other song numbers with the tunes and lyrics but they always come back to making the song their own. The songs prove to be not only catchy but also educational.

Animaniacs is a show that kids can enjoy for its energy and adults can appreciate all the clever writing behind it (in addition to the adult jokes that somehow were able to get past the censors). The show is fun enough as a kid but re-watching the thing as an adult, it has a great deal of cleverness make it still relevant today.