A look back on Kim Possible

Kim Possible was one of the best Disney Channel shows in the early to mid-2000s. The show has a good fanbase but it is largely associated with feelings of nostalgia. However, looking back on the show years later it proves to hold up more than ever with a great deal of effort put into its characters and writing. These aspects while they were noticeable to kids watching the show growing up, looking back on the show years later there is a far greater appreciation for it.

The theme song is a major part of the show. It’s catchy and upbeat and its lyrics give it a unique distinction. That is to say, when you hear the song this is the one thing a listener can associate this show with. The song itself is highly energetic and nerving, which establishes Kim’s character throughout the show.

The show also adheres to the principle what any show with a superhero should do: person first, hero second. Kim goes through many social problems but it doesn’t deviate from the mission. Each episode focuses on the social conflict and the mission ties and resolves the conflict at the end of it all. It’s a formula but one that lends its way to some genuinely creative moments.

Most of the writing is driven on its characters. The scenarios of the episodes have a great deal of light-hearted creativity but it’s the reactions of the characters involved in the whole thing that makes it funny.

Kim’s sidekick Ron is first seen as a polar opposite to her. Unlike Kim, Ron is mostly lazy and he’s far from a fighter compared to her. But as the series progresses (and in the two movies) we see just how useful Ron is in helping Kim succeed in her missions and by the end of the series truly shows just how far he’s come. Ron’s pet naked mole rat Rufus also is a very cute, funny, and loyal character on par with the animal side characters from other Disney movies. More importantly, Ron was not relegated to being a mere love interest pining for Kim. Throughout the series, Kim was into other boys and Ron was okay with it. And the romance between the two builds up in a completely natural way.

Another good aspect of the show was Kim’s family. She didn’t have to keep the matter of being an agent from any of them and there were occasions where they would utilize their skills (James’ Possible’s skills as a rocket scientist, Ann Possible’s skills as a surgeon, Jim and Tim’s antics with technology, etc. to help Kim in her missions. And they hilariously completely embrace the craziness Kim deals with throughout her missions

The show also dealt with some realistic and relatable high school issues. It wasn’t just about being popular; there were some various legitimate scenarios such as working with difficult partners on a school project, the prospect of learning to drive, time management, learning to deal with humiliation, and so forth.

The villains were also well written. While the show had many antagonists, each with funny motivations and gimmicks and some amazing voice talent behind them, the two that stuck out the most were Dr. Drakken and Shego. Drakken despite being evil is shown time and again to be an extreme megalomaniac merely driven by pettiness and jealousy towards those who thwart and mock him. The series shows constantly that Shego is a far more threatening physically and strategically than Drakken and hilariously takes great pleasure in mocking and outright insulting him because of it. Her backstory about how she became evil is quite hilarious (even more so added by the fact that we find out later that she has a degree in child development). Despite her rivalry with Kim, we see how the two have a small shred of respect and friendship with one another that often makes it believable when they team up and their banter all the more engaging.

Kim Possible wasn’t a groundbreaking show but it was a fun one. It had great characters, stellar writing, and all around a fun premise. With a live-action adaptation coming out many are skeptical of the whole thing but no matter how that turns out this show will always be possible to look at in a positive light.