Top 5 versions of Harrison Wells.


Tom Cavanagh’s ability to play multiple characters (sometimes in the same scene no less) and make them feel like different people in the Flash is one that makes him one of if not the best actor in the Arrowverse. No Flash season is complete without a Wells. Cavanagh’s performances have received such popularity that the writers have come up with multiple ways in each season to bring him back. This list ranks the top 5 characters he has portrayed in the Flash.

5. Sherloque Wells


In the latest season, in attempt to find the villainous Cicada, team Flash winds up recruiting Sherloque Wells to help them. Cavanagh’s performance brings a sense of amusement to this character through his French accent and the ways he interacts with Team Flash. Despite proving to be an honorable, insightful, and methodic man later on, he wastes no time in his debut taking the easy way out by recycling the same formula to catch Cicada on Earth 1 as he does on any other Earth. This is furthered when he faked his own death to avoid paying alimony to his ex-wives. Although amusing in his antics and coming a long way from his debut, unlike any of the other Wells, he hasn’t fully established the impact and bonds with the team that his doppelgangers have brought.

4. Harrison Wells from Earth 1

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 5.11.06 PM.pngSadly the one Wells Team Flash will never get a chance to truly meet. The real Harrison Wells from Earth 1 only appeared in a flashback but established him very well. He was a well-respected and ambitious scientist as well as a humble and cheerful man similar to H.R. of Earth 19. He was also a loving husband towards his wife Tess (even almost naming Star Labs after her) only expressing concern for her after Eobard caused the two to get into a car accident. Much of the scientific community had no idea of his death and Eobard’s impersonation of him over the next 15 years and as a result his reputation and legacy suffered as a result.

3. H.R. Wells from Earth 19

Harrison_Wells_(Earth_Nineteen).png Despite lacking in scientific smarts, H.R. proves to be a very friendly, energetic, and adventurous. He does often feel insecure in lacking the science smarts of his fellow doppelgangers and tries to learn from the team members as much as possible. H.R. proved to help Wally in becoming Kid Flash, helped Tracy Brand understand her importance in taking on Savitar, and under almost everyone’s nose, made the ultimate sacrifice in defeating Savitar. H.R. may have lacked in superpowers or scientific knowledge, but he had the heart to risk his life for all that was good and pure.

2. Harry Wells from Earth 2


In being the longest-lasting Wells of them all and spending three years with Team Flash, Harry proves to be the most developed. When we first see him Harry proves to be quite cynical, blunt, and downright inconsiderate. In spite of that he has a genuine care for his daughter and Team Flash. While he doesn’t show it, a small amount of care is there and it gradually grows over the seasons. Perhaps his greatest development is his relationship with Cisco. When the two first meet, they could barely stand being in the same room together. The two annoyed each other time and again with one another. However in their battles with Zoom, Savitar, and Devoe the two are brought closer together by working on tasks to defeat these villains still keeping their banter in the process. As Harry starts to lose his intelligence due to the Thinking Cap, Cisco helps him through the process and learn the heart he has leading to a heartfelt hug between the two when Harry fries the last of his brain.

1. Eobard “Thawne” Wells


This choice is a no-brainer. This character is how all the other Wells came about. Cavanagh is playing not one but two people in this character: The humble, kind, and honorable Harrison Wells and the insane and rage-filled Eobard with the desire to return home. And throughout the first season not only does Cavanagh play both these characters well but also combines the aspects of both giving the character layers of complexity. As Wells, Thawne proves to be much more calm and calculated in executing his plans. He’s certainly sinister but only lets out his inner Thawne when he needs to strike. When he’s formulating his plans early on in the first season, he gradually unfolds. Because of this, much like when Thawne sees Barry in the hospital, there is almost no trace of the Reverse Flash. It is only when Thawne is without glasses that he truly feels more like Eobard. When formulating his plans as Wells, it just has a sense of mystery. We know he has some ulterior motive but the pieces are given to us in such a way that when it comes full circle, we feel the full impact.

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