The Underrated Character from Each Arrowverse Show

The Arrowverse show has its fair share of side characters. Some of them people love while some of them people hate. And for the ones people love, many believe they deserve more time on screen. Each of the four Arrowverse shows has at least one and I’m here to count four of them down.

Eliza Danvers-Supergirl


Helen Slater may have bombed as Supergirl but she makes the most out of playing Supergirl’s adoptive mother. She proves to be a very kind, selfless, and compassionate woman to both her daughters. Slater’s performance, despite how little she appears in the series, is always nice to see. The way she accepts that Alex is gay is probably one of the most touching moments involving her only second to the ‘you will always be my Supergirl’ scene between the two in her debut. She has proven to be help to both Supergirl and her cousin having raised the former as her own and helped the latter understand his powers. And she proves to be very intelligent as she was able to help the DEO in taking on the Medusa virus.

Julian Albert-The Flash


The Flash Season 3 had a couple problems but Julian was not one of them. Tom Felton’s performance channeled the best parts of Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter. He starts out as a rival to Barry and thinks himself above the police force thinking that the Flash has made them lazy. He particularly takes a dislike to Barry having a hatred of his secrecy. But his desire to be the best comes from legitimate insecurities of his family’s glamorous lifestyle and trying his hardest to be a great scientist which was impeded by meta-humans and how different they are. It is only after Barry as the Flash saves Julian from crossing the line by nearly murdering a child that he started to see these matters in a better light. This is furthered when Julian learns his co-worker is the Flash and after being freed from Savitar’s control he gradually becomes good friends with the team and learns to a better man with their help. Through his interactions with Caitlin about how the two becoming unintentional monsters (Julian nearly killing a kid and being Alchemy and Caitlin becoming Killer Frost) does not define them leads to a legitimately interesting relationship between the two. It’s a shame that Julian didn’t stay and is given a horrible goodbye as there is no further mention of him outside of Joe in Season 4 claiming he went home to London. This erased any merit his character may have brought.

Lily Stein-Legends of Tomorrow


Martin Stein’s daughter may have been a time aberration but she is no mistake in the show. We see how the younger Martin is so obsessed with his work that he neglects his wife Clarissa. The older Martin seeing this was especially not pleased and lectured his younger self about it. His younger self takes this to heart and Lily was born giving Martin several random flashes of her over the next set of episodes. Lily’s existence helps him become a better family man. When people bring up season 2 episode 10 and the Legends part of Invasion, Lily is not often what comes to mind. We see how Lily, like her father is a skilled scientist and uses that to develop a relationship among other characters. Christina Brucato’s performance as she struggles with the sadness of learning she is a time aberration is done in such a way that it’s hard not to feel for her. The scenes she shares with her father are nothing short of genuine. Even though she now has a son to look after, it would be nice to see her pop up to help the Legends every now and then.

Thea Queen-Arrow


Seeing Thea gradually mature from being selfish, arrogant, and reckless to becoming much more responsible and disciplined is one of the best things about Arrow. Despite her having a level of hatred for her father Malcolm we see how he helped her become stronger person physically and mentally. This is particularly shown when (what I consider Thea’s best moment) Oliver reveals to her that he is the Arrow she hugs and accepts him thankful for all the good he had done. This is a moment that Thea’s character rightfully earned through the constant battles she fights physically and emotionally.

Are ther any other underrated characters out there in the Arrowverse? Any you disagree with? Comment below.