A look back on The Flash: Season 2, Episode 3: Family of Rogues


Lisa Snart: I didn’t get this being a criminal I got it being a daughter.

Beware: Spoilers may follow.

Season 2 Flash had a fair couple of episodes dedicated to framing characters for the spin-off series, Legends of Tomorrow. This was one of those episodes. And it not only does it develop the character enough for that show, but also proves to be an entertaining episode on its own.

The story is that Lisa Snart a.k.a Golden Glider (Peyton List) begs Team Flash to help her when she thinks he brother Leonard Snart a.k.a Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) has been kidnapped. Barry (Grant Gustin) sets as the Flash to find him only to angrily find out that Leonard is pulling a heist with his abusive father named Lewis (Michael Ironside). However, the team finds out that Leonard is pulling this heist as it turns out Lewis planted a thermite bomb inside his daughter and has threatened to trigger it unless his son works with him. Meanwhile, Joe West (Jesse Martin) is faced with a difficult decision when his ex-wife Francine (Vanessa Williams) returns.

The episode’s strongest point is the Snart siblings. We see a much more softer and vulnerable side to these two villains and Miller and List pull it off very effectively. There’s a scene after Barry finds out Leonard is working with his dad no one on Team Flash trusts Lisa seeing the entire Snart family as mere criminals, to which Lisa responds by showing a scar her dad gave her. The way List delivers her dialogue as she tells Cisco about her father’s abuse is played with such sadness to it that it’s hard not to feel for her and understand the bond she and her brother have as she claims that had it not been for him she would have been worse.

We also see a much greater bond between Barry and Snart. When Lewis supposedly kills Barry even Snart is devastated by it. His expression when he quietly says sorry to Barry says it all. Even after Leonard is arrested Barry still claims he sees the good in his foe. Barry understands his code of honor and sees that he can use that for more than just thievery. And in a very well developed manner in Legends of Tomorrow, he would end up doing so. Miller delivers the usual fun and over-the-top performance he always has as the character but his expressions and way of talking truly show his hatred every minute for his father. Even after killing Lewis, you still find yourself rooting for Leonard considering all the hell he put him and his sister through.

Michael Ironside as Lewis was spot-on casting. This guy also voices Darkseid in the DCAU. And his voice and his plans really instill fear and give the man a sense that he knows how to be in control. His abusive nature towards his children really shows how they would turn out to be villains but also enforces how their bond helps them draw the line.

The bond between Cisco and Lisa was also an enjoyable aspect. The episode builds up the sexual tension they already had but also a genuine bond as seen in the scenes when Lisa is telling Cisco about her father’s nature towards her growing up and the scene where Cisco attempts to remove the thermite bomb, which doing so could result in killing her. Both these scenes lead to a nice kiss between the two towards the end.

The heist scene was entertaining enough. It was tense with Lisa’s life at stake and Gustin, Miller, and Ironside deliver enough humor.

Joe’s decision to tell his daughter about her mother was the one plotline that felt out of focus with the rest of the episode. However, Martin’s performance as he breaks down in tears to Iris about what happened and why he didn’t want to tell truly feels saddening and makes you understand how hard it is for him to deal with something like this. Joe is a guy that has to deal with both Iris and Barry (and later on Wally) risking their necks out in the world on a daily basis so Joe’s breakdown is not something that can be taken lightly.

Family of Rogues didn’t tie all that much into the main storyline in season 2 but it did make two amazing characters go out with a bang. It had an engaging plot and very much developed two entertaining villains. Lisa hasn’t returned in a single Arrowverse episode (and it’s sad to know that she still probably doesn’t know her brother is dead. Heck I wouldn’t mind if Lisa joined the Legends) and this was one of Leonard’s last big episodes before joining up with the Legends. However, at any point in the series, it will always be fun to see the Snart family return.