A look back at Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 midseason finale: Beebo the God of War


Jefferson ‘Jax’ Jackson: The thing is, when you get a bunch of broken pieces and you put ’em all together the right way, they make something new, and suddenly, they don’t make you feel so broken anymore. And I’m pretty sure that’s what a family is. So, uh… I don’t know what happens next, but I know I’ll always have a family here with you guys.

Beware: Spoilers may follow.

At the end of Crisis On Earth X Arrow and Flash got their happy endings by getting to marry their respective lovers. The Legends however wound up losing one of their team members (one of the original team members no less) to the Earth X Nazis. Even after a tearful funeral this would not be something that the Legends could come back from so easily. This midseason finale followed up the epic crossover with the perfect balance of humor and heartfelt emotion.

The story is that the Legends, particularly Jax (Franz Drameh), are still reeling from the death of Martin Stein (Victor Garber). However they are forced into action once again finding a new ally in Time Bureau agent Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan) when a younger version of Stein (Graeme McComb) from 1992 along with a Cuddle-Me-Beebo doll he’d been intending to give to his daughter Lily, inadvertently wind up being a fast-solidifying anachronism in a Viking settlement. Upon seeing Stein, Jax considers taking a risky loophole to save his father figure’s life.

The biggest remembrance of this episode is the anachronism itself: the Vikings thing that Beebo is a god. This is an idea so bizarre and stupid but the show has such a style to it that it manages to pull it off. The image of the Vikings worshiping Beebo is funny enough but then you see them interpreting Beebo’s catchphrases, which makes it even more hilarious

Wentworth Miller as Leo Snart was extremely entertaining despite the fact that this was really the only episode where he got to shine. His antics with the Martin Stein puppet and his attempts to deal with his own long-time loss of his own Mick Rory (Dominic Purrell) by trying to change the Earth 1 Mick were funny. Both Earth 1 Mick and Earth X Snart hate that their doppelgangers are nothing like the versions of each other that they knew but by the end see that there is some good in them when they team up.

This episode also planted the seeds for the relationship between Captain Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) and Ava. Throughout the season, both of them have been clashing head on in their different approaches to protect time but in wake of Stein’s death both see the other’s approach in such a way. The Legends are used to rushing in recklessly causing more problems in the process. However Sara is legitimately concerned that Stein’s death may blind the team into doing something horrible. Ava on the other hand sees someone who isn’t willing to back down without a fight when her whole organization is turning a blind eye to what really matters.

Despite his storyline taking a backseat to the anachronism the plot involving Jax is still very heartfelt and has a nice conclusion. Drameh’s performance throughout the episode truly makes you believe in him desperately trying to save the man he considers a father. The final scene between Jax and the young Stein at Martin’s house provides great closure for the both of them. Martin’s refusal to cheat death and wish Jax a happy life is quite a heartwarming scene. The final shot of them shaking hands by the fireplace truly marks both the end of their path as heroes and their place in the Arrowverse as legends. This all results in Jax deciding to leave the team as he thinks he needs to move on. The goodbye while a major tearjerker is also heartwarming in his goodbye speech, which truly shows how much the team has become family to him.

If there is one small flaw about the whole thing it is that Sara is briefly pulled into Mallus’ realm. And in the four episodes prior to this we weren’t given much about him, which really makes it lose its impact. It does however frame the return of John Constantine (Matt Ryan) who saved Sara’s soul way back leading to a fun addition to the cast.

Beebo the God of War has a hilarious premise that only a show of this caliber can pull off. Despite all that hilarity it succeeds in tugging at the heartstrings. Even though we may have lost yet another original Legend it succeeds in framing more adventures for the team.