A look back at The Flash’s 100th episode: What’s Past is Prologue


Eobard Thawne: Nora. Oh that’s nice. At least you still have one.

Beware: Spoilers may follow.

The 100th episode of any TV show is a pretty big deal. It’s a milestone that truly serves as a testament to how far a show has come in its story and characters alike. The episode also can pack a great deal of heavy and emotional moments while also having an intense edge to it all. The Flash’s 100th episode is no exception to this rule. While a not entirely flawless episode, it still proves to be enjoyable in its character focus and story alike.

The story is that Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and his daughter Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) in order to create a weapon to defeat the villainous Cicada (Chris Klein) have to travel back in time to recover a series of items to create said weapon.

Tom Cavanagh is the best part of this episode. In addition to playing Sherloque this season he also reprises his roles as Harrison Wells from Earth 2, Eobard Thawne himself, and Thawne pretending to be Harrison Wells from Earth 1. As always Cavanagh proves to take the same face for all these characters and making each one feel like a different person. On top of that he directed the episode as well and the choices he makes involving our heroes going back in time and getting into various predicaments do strike a level of fear and intensity the first time a viewer might be watching it. When present Barry and Nora go to ask Thawne for help the entire scene is performed brilliantly by all of the actors and the dialogue between them is both comedic and tense.

While going back to the year of Savitar used a lot of pre-existing footage and little if any new footage it did set off the stakes by having Barry and Nora being pursued by Time Wraiths while on their quest.

The appearance of Earth 2 Wells was rather short outside of past footage but it was always nice to see the most developed version of the character again. Seeing him run into the 2018 Barry and seeing them interact without the latter blowing his cover is a tense scene in itself.

The return of Teddy Sears as Zoom for the short amount of screen time he had Sears made the most of it. His expression signifying his hunger for more speed upon seeing Nora really gave the scene much more weight. However a Time Wraith immediately disposes of him before they move on to the next plot thread. With the new things that happen in this scene and the Thawne scene that follows it’s quite amazing that neither of these events had new effects on the timeline.

Nora herself being a part of her dad’s journey has a great payoff. Her performance particularly after learning the truth about Thawne from her father leads to an emotional scene with her just begging to know her father and another scene towards the end where the two are watching Barry’s parents together with the latter assuring her that they were good people. It truly shows how Barry treasures his memories of them.

The battle against Cicada towards is one of the bigger flaws in this episode. The fight scene is very rushed and while they do find the key to beating him in Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker), it feels like they should have just ended his storyline right here especially when not only do we know his story and the threat he poses but there is also another engaging mystery involving Nora’s time journal and her working with Eobard. Juggling both of these plotlines, considering that they don’t connect is going to be particularly difficult as this season progresses.

The Flash’s 100th episode not only has an engaging adventure but also has a great deal of heart in the main characters. The past footage is good to see again and the new footage combined with it breathes a whole new life into the journey the Flash has been on. With the major cliffhanger at the end it makes me hope for the second half of the season to arrive in a Flash.